Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Work In Progress on Wednesday - Kerala Mural Painting on Bamboo

This week in WIP series, sharing about the Kerala Mural. Most of the artists and crafters now know about Kerala Murala. Though these are mural painting, now many artists paint this on canvas, terracotta pots , cloth , bamboo etc. I'm  learning Kerala Mural painting. I have already learnt painting Kerala Mural on canvas, about which I will share in future. Now learning to paint it on Bamboo.

 WIP of this week, three days back I started. Here it is with outlines:
Kerala Mural outlines
Kerala Mural on Bamboo-Work in Progress

This is the progress today :
Kerala Mural
Kerala Mural on Bamboo-Work in Progress
Hope to share finished work in coming week.

By the way,last week's work, was  designing a dress with Madhubani printed cloth. I have completed that work. Here is the dress I have designed:
Dress Design
Last week's WIP

Many suggested go with off white as top. As I have the Duppata in off-white, decided to make the pink  fabric as top. Hope you liked it.

Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,


  1. madhbani top ...goes

    kerala mural painting in bamboo..great and how did u trace the design in bamboo..the out come looks beautiful...

    this mural painting is in my to do list...but i didn't attend any class for this any way iam searching for the right procedure..i am planing for mural painting in fabric ...

    1. Thank you. If you send me an email, I will send the address of the class where you can learn Kerala Mural.

  2. very beautiful painting on bamboo. The tunic is gorgeous with the madhubani hand blocked patch.

  3. Beautiful mural paintings. Very creative.

  4. Oh's coming up nice! Waiting to see the finished version:) Great work, Ranjana:)

  5. Wow, madhubani painting is awesome. I never heard about Kerala Mural Painting on Bamboo. Its fascinating.

  6. You are genius to me...this is inspiring!


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