Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ceramic work

You have seen my first attempt in Ceramic work. This is again ceramic work .

This is made on a small pot. Again blue color (my favourite color :-)) with vine design in Gold color. The vine design is made with ceramic dough. I call this as "Mughal Design" :-)

Here is the closer view:

Can you see the crochet doily, on which the pot is placed? I'm crazy about crochet. I had made many sweaters, crochet doilies which I gifted to my loved ones. Recently bought some crochet lace to design a dress. So, many more works to share with you in the coming posts!

Till then,

Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,

Saturday, January 21, 2012

My blog completes one year!

Today my blog completes one year!

    Before I started this blog, I was not much aware of blogging. Whenever , I used to browse for new designs in embroidery or paintings etc, I used to come across some blogs. That's all.
Simply registered this blog , and  for 2 months I had forgotten about this. One day(on 20th Jan 2011),suddenly remembered about my blog registration, but confused about what to post. I'm always passionate about arts and crafts. I forget everything whenever , I work on any form of arts/crafts.  Whenever I was unhappy , this hobby has soothed me. In my happy moments , this added more joy to my happiness. So thought of blogging about arts and crafts, my works, my paintings, dress design etc,etc.
(Apart from the above mentioned reason, I thought, if I write ,hardly anybody would read. If I post some pictures and write one or two lines, atleast some people would come across my blog while searching for images :-))
   I wanted to keep this blog very simple, so name is also straight forward, "Ranjana's Craft Blog". I thought, it would be difficult for me to maintain this blog, so I would forget about this blog , after one or two posts. So whatever, let me start. So started this with a post about "Quilled card ", which I made for my sister in law. And after a week, I learnt screen printing on fabrics, excited to share about that. So posted some of my works in screen printing, so it went on...Now, 33 posts about different forms of arts and crafts, my experiences with arts, artists etc and 23 amazing members(Sorry 22, I'm one of the members. Thought, if this blog didn't get any reader, at least one follower will be shown in the followers list :-)), many lovely comments from many readers, visitors, more than 13000 page views! Thank you for all the support and encouragement!
Some readers, have suggested me to improve the look and feel of this blog. I'm working on that. Soon this blog will have a little bit makeover (Not too much! I want to keep the blog simple)
I had started the blog with a post about a quilled card. Here is one more quilled card, I made to send to my sister in law. My son insisted, to send  bouquet of flowers, so made this card with bouquet design. I've taken this design from a pattern book.
Here it is

Hope she likes this.
  I will share a lot about different forms of arts and crafts, and of course about my favourite things, my hobbies, my experiences, about many artists whom I've met and learnt from them, about my embroideries, my paintings , my skteches ... I'm not a good writer, but trying to share my experiences with arts and crafts...because for me its easy to express in the form of arts/crafts rather than words.

Working on some sketches.In my next posts, I will share about those.

Love, laugh and live the life to the fullest.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Emotions captured- My first attempt in pencil sketching

Hi All,

Happy new year!

Sorry, I could not post anything recently. Simple, I was not in mood. At a point thought, stop this blog. But, could not I've always found peace in arts and crafts.

I never learnt sketching. I’m learning, and this is my first attempt.

Whatever, I've sketched, is not at all, according to sketching rules. The proportions are not at all proper. All the experts in sketching, I'm sorry if you find mistakes in this sketching. I know you will definitely find many.

Imagined the emotions and tried to express in the form of sketching.

Here it is:

The woman looks alright to the outside world. That’s why; I've drawn the ornaments on her. But she is weeping inside. Something (may be depression, or any grief -I leave this to your imagination) is burning her.  The tears she has shed, formed a river, but still not able to extinguish the fire. This is my imagination. It might look different to you.

Again Happy New Year!

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