Sunday, December 27, 2015

Wood carving from Bijnor(UP)

Bijnor is a small town in the district of Saharanpur in north east part of Uttara Pradesh. This has historical wood carving craft tradition dating back to the Mughal period. During my visit to an craft exhibition I came across some craftsmen from Bijnor.
Here are some of the their woodwork:

carved comb
Combs made out of wood
 It is said that some of the carvers moved directly from Iran to Saharanpur and settled here. So we can see the influence of Persian designs in the wood carving.
carved comb
Combs made of wood
 Most of the district is covered with forests. So wood carving is widely practiced in the stat- Saharanpur, Nagina, Pilakhuwa, Bijnor, Aligarh, Bareily, Bulandshahr,Lucknow and Mathura.Nicely carved combs are their specialty.
carved comb
Framed carved combs
Now the wood carvers have extended their art, to meet the customers' requirement. Not only decorative items, they make many puzzles and games from wood.
woodwork puzzle
Many puzzles made of wood

woodwork puzzle
Puzzles and games
 When I checkd the price, these were not very expensive. One should have in woodwork collection.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Handmade Christmas Card-Merry Christmas

I had started my blog with the post of a handmade quilled card. And after that I had made many cards to wish on teacher's day , as my son had asked me to make to wish his teachers .  All were made using quilling.After that I had stopped making cards. Recently started making cards again inspired by many of my blogger friends, who make wonderful cards. The one I made to wish twin  babies was liked by many . And another I made recently is to wish on birthday. In both I have used punch-craft. I'm not so good in paper craft, but in both the cards I tried to express the concept.
Now made a Christmas card,
Handmade Christmas card
Handmade Christmas card

 How I made the Christmas card:

This involved very simple procedure. I love the handmade papers for cards. Here also I have chosen handmade paper in light green. 
Handmade Christmas card
The handmade paper I chose
 And some decorative cloth like paper and some embellishments.This very beautiful cloth like paper in my collection. It is light pink in color, with silver color stars all over.
Cloth like paper
Cut a strip from the cloth like paper and gave it zigzag border shape:
Paper strip
Thin strip of the paper
 Then attached it along the border of the card. And glued  some embellishments which are Christmas Symbols , on the border. I have kept the card theme very mild, so did not add many glittery materials.
Handmade Christmas card
Handmade Christmas card

And then small stars and pearl embellishments :

Handmade Christmas card
With Stars and Pearl embellishments
 And finally  a cute Santa doll. Without Santa how can anyone  celebrate Christmas  :)
Handmade Christmas card
With Santa
May this Christmas bring you happiness , peace , prosperity and of course lots of gifts. :-)
Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Kalamkari border attached -Saree

I'm designing a saree after a long gap. I have collection of Kalamkari patches and borders. One such set of  patches ,I had attached to a silk cotton saree .Recently added  a black color kalamkari border with elephant design. I'm fan of Kalamkari designs and elephant designs. So both together!
Lovely border here :
Kalamkari border
I tried matching this with  different sarees, but I liked it on a black saree, which I had
and also the thin border in gold , which I attached along with Kalamakari border
It did not take much time for me to attach the border. I just had to keep the  Kalamkari border and the zari border and stitch . So the saree is ready:
The  saree looks like this now :
Kalamkari saree border

Kalamkari saree Pallu

And on my mannequin ( its name is chammak challo :) ) , it looks very nice :
Saree  on Chammak challo
I liked this saree. But I can't wear it on casual day. Waiting for an occasion to wear it :-)
Recently started learning Kalamkari painting on canvas. Soon will share about the same.

Until then,  
Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Handmade birthday card

Recently, to wish on a birthday I made this handmade birthday card. Compared to the handmade cards made by experts it is very simple. But serving the purpose.
This was a masculine card, so I chose blue color handmade paper.
For the edges , attached the border made by Martha Stwewart punches, which was gifted by my sister in law. Recently I started crafts related to punches :-). So she had gifted some punches.
And used some embellishments which I had purchased recently. Front page a birthday cake and flowers:

And inside, the favourite things for boys with a happy birthday wish.
As I have mentioned already, it is very simple, but served the purpose. Slowly learning card making, soon will post some more.

Until then,  
Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,

Friday, December 4, 2015

Pipali work-Applique art of Odisha

Applique work is one of the oldest craft done using fabric. There are many forms of applique work practiced in India, among those,Pipali work of Odisha is an ancient one. Odisha is famous for some unique art like, Patachitra  , also famous for some fabric art like making of hand woven Ikkat and Pipli work.

Pipli work : Colorful applique 

Pipli work is colorful.Almost all colors are used in this. Here you can see the use of different colored clothes in Pipli work:
Applique work

Applique work

 Origin of Pipli applique art: 

This art of applique dates back to 10th century AD. The Pipli is a village near Bhubaneshwar (the capital of Odisha). This place is the origin of Pipli applique art. This handicraft is related to the famous Jaganatha Yathra of Puri. History says that this colorful applique work was done to decorate  Jagannatha Ratha and temple during rituals.
Applique work
Image courtesy -Google images:Pipli -work fabric covering Jaganath Ratha

After independence , this art  of applique work started declining, because of the loss of royal patronage.  But now it is again in demand , as the artists have started making many household and decorative items like bedsheets,purses, , wall hangings, pillow covers, lampshades and tablecloth using Pipli art.

Patterns and Motifs used in Pipli work:

In making pipli applique work, the traditional colors Red, Yellow , Green and Black are used. But nowadays, to accommodate current users' requirement , other colors are also used. Traditionally the motifs used are flowers, birds, elephant, vine designs ,geometric patterns etc. This is embellished with mirror work. We can find many variations in this applique art. Recently I visited an exhibition. Here are some variations in Pipli art:
Applique work
Wall hanging with motifs of human beings

Applique work
Purse with a small house and girl

Applique work

Applique work
Wall hanging with tree design. The artist told me its auspicious and lucky to keep this :)

Applique work
i-Pad cover with house motif
And here is the artist selling his products:
Applique work
Artist with his products
Coming up with some more posts on different handicrafts and some of my works too.
Until then,  
Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Decoupage - shelf

While learning decoupage I had made of on  aluminium plate and recently I had done it on my craft table . As I'm preparing my craft room and decorating with handmade items, thought of decoupaging on a shelf I have.
Here is the shelf, I got it made from a carpenter:
I wanted to give this Victorian look, chose very mild color. Back side first one coat painted with primer and then painted with pista green.
For the top and the sides selected the pista green color paper with rose prints. I just loved the paper!
After attaching and painting , it looks like this:
And now for the inner side of the shelf, I wanted to paste same pista green paper, which I had chosen  for the top and sides. But there was shortage of paper for the inner side. So used two different kinds of papers.
Here is how it looks after pasting the paper:

As a final touch of giving Victorian look , attached the thread lace which my friend had given, to the borders.
This is how it looks now.


I hope it has now at least little bit of Victorian look, what I'm murmuring :-). This I have kept in my craft room, with my craft items. I will share about other handmade items in my craft room in the coming posts.

Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,

Monday, November 16, 2015

Wall Decal from Kakshyaachitra

Wall decal is becoming a latest trend in interior decoration now. I had received the Warli design wall decal from one of the leading wall decal designers Kaksyaachitra. They have very beautiful and varieties of designs. The varieties caters to maximum needs of customers. There are several categories of designs such as ethnic, modern, nature , people, sports etc( . Whatever kind of design you like you can choose.
Coming back to the design I had selected- Warli design. When I choose the design , they had informed me that it was complicated design. Still I chose that, because I wanted to paint a wall with Warli design. The package arrived within 4 days. But I could not get the time to mount that,because of several issues in my life. This Deepavali, I decided to decorate my house with the wall decal. When I opened the package ,I got  a page with set of instructions.

 Instructions were very clear, and easy to follow. Here is the beautiful  design.

It has one transparent paper and the design is  sandwiched between the transparent paper and white paper. The white paper has to be removed.Here is how it is.

 My son helped a lot to remove the white paper. He was enjoying a lot. :)
 The the transparent paper with the design should be mounted on the wall. The transparent paper get stuck to the wall.
Slowly the transparent paper should be removed. The design gets stuck to the wall and it looks beautiful too.
The process is very simple. I had the plan of painting a wall with Warli designs. It would have taken few days for me to paint. With wall decal from Kakshyaachitra I could finish the design within one hour. It looks very elegant. Thank you Kakshyaachitra .

Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Customized card making

Its already years I made cards. Few years back I had made quilled cards for teacher's day because of my son's demand. Recently inspired by many card makers, again getting back to card making. I had the occasion too.
In our custom, when a baby starts walking , and the baby crosses the main door of the house, we celebrate it . In Kannada its called "Door crossing ceremony"(ಹೊಸಲು ತುಳಿಯುವುದು). One of my friends had invited me to the ceremony. She has twin babies. So I decided to make a card to wish them. I chose yellow handmade paper, to show the brightness.

And made a door with ice cram stick, in the shape of door. Attached the shape of feet using punchcraft.

Painted the door with wood color, acrylic paint

 As it was the ceremony for twin babies , glued two small baby punchcrafts and some embellishments which I had bought.
Outside glued some punch craft flowers and pearl embellishments.
I made this card to conceptualize my wish to the babies, "You are coming out of the house first time crossing thr door.Let your path be filled with flowers wherever you go".
I'm slowly getting back to paper-craft . Hope to make some more cards.Surely share all my expiriences with you all,

Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,

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