Sunday, June 1, 2014

Cute... cuter....cutest dolls

Dolls ...who doesn't like dolls... Dolls have been part of human being's life from ancient time. Human being used clay, wood , metal etc to make dolls . The archaeologists have found metal dolls from Mohenjadaro during excavation.
The Doll made of brass found in excavation of  Monhenjadaro
Image courtesy- Google images
So the history of dolls is quite ancient. There are also evidences that, Greeks and Romans used to bury dolls in children's grave.
Nowadays we find, lots and lots of dolls. Different kinds of dolls are sold by street vendors to the dolls sold in big showrooms, different varieties from handmade to branded ones like Barbie, American Girl etc.
I remember I had learnt making soft toys from one of my craft teachers. I used to gift them to the kids. I really regret I don't have photos of those. Its really nice to convert the the fur and cotton into lively dolls.
Some people are masters of decorating a simple plastic dolls. I got an opportunity to see such collections of cute dolls.
 I have already written about the artist Late.Smt. Manjua. in my previous posts:

 3rd-anniversary of my blog. Happy to write about the most talented lady ...but with tears in my eyes

Lets enter the world of craft- Wire handbags made by Smt. Manjula

In this post sharing about the cute dolls decorated by Late. Smt. Manjula
Here are those dolls,

This is a doll depicting western bride , made of wood. Its looks so lovely and lively, you can see the shyness  in the eyes of the dolls.
The below one is doll transformed to look like Kerala woman. Specialty is the  white saree with Gold border and the hairstyle. 
 The below one is doll with water pot, this one is done so perfect, that you can see the doll is decorated with a cloth with normal print, so that it is made to look like  a woman busy with household work
A Kathakali (An Indian Dance form) dancer
Manipuri(An Indian dance form ) dancer 
This one  really shows the artistic capabilities of Smt. Manjula.  .
Doll made to look like a Banjara woman (About Banjara or Lambani you can read here .) 
You can see the Banjara embroidery made on the cloth.

 The below one a plastic doll transformed into a Lambani woman. In this also you can see very fine mirror work and embroidery made on the clothes of the doll.
The back side is also decorated with Banjara Embroidery. This shows the perfection of the artist in her work.

All dolls are very cute, in fact, each one is cute, cuter and cutest doll. :)

Soon will write about the crochet works of Smt. Manjula. 

Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,


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