Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Radha Krishna -Unbounded Love !

I always wished to draw pencil sketches of Radha Krishna. But as I'm not trained properly in pencil sketching was bit hesitant, thinking that something might go wrong.
Before working on these pencil sketches I studied stories about Radha Krishana, from different sources. There are different opinions about Radha Krishna, from various scholars.

Some opine Radha and Krishna married as per Gandharva Vivaha( a kind of Hindu marriage type) Almost all stories stress that , the Radha Krishna love story signifies, union of Atma (soul) with Paramatma( Supreme soul). The love was bond less, knew no bonds and bounds.
Radha and Krishna could not separate from each other, as they were always united.The following sketch is based on unity of Radha and Krishna.

Some opine Radha was already married and she was elder to Krishna. Krishna because of responsibilities  could not marry Radha etc.While leaving from Brindavan to Mathura, Krishna gave his flute to Radha and   he never met Radha again.

Radha was left with memories of Krishna and the flute given by him.
The below sketch is of Radha, lost in memories of Krishna. She is chuckling. And she is wearing Peacock feather, which was one of Krishna's favourites.

And the below one with Radha with the flute given by Krishna. She was eagerly waiting for Krishna, looking at the horizon for the Krishna's arrival.

I know these sketches are not perfect. I will try to improve in the next sketches. But happy to share it on the occasion of  second anniversary of my blog! Thanks to all the readers. Wish this journey of togetherness continues.

Many more to share in the coming posts,

Until then,
Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Its a century !!!

I was away from blogging for nearly one month. This is my 100th post, I wanted to make it very special!

Sometimes I think , how could I achieve this. Already the followers list has increased to 120 and the hits to more the 150000. Oh! Really I'm surprised. I never thought that I would achieve so much.
But I was never behind the numbers, I just went on posting about my works in arts and crafts, that's all. I think whatever I achieved shows the power of passion!

Above all , I have got some lovely friends through this blogosphere!

If I look  back, my entry into blogosphere is accidental. I just wanted to share about the screen printing works.Slowly started sharing and writing about  all other works  in arts and crafts.  Then started sharing about my expirience with each of the works, and  about others' works and so on.It is still going on.

As I have told you I want to make it very special, so let me start a give away. Recently I started making artificial hand crafted jewellery.  So from collections these 4( 2 winners will be selected) earrings from my collections.
Here are those:

 For enter into contest, you just have to write your email address in the comment section or you can also send a mail to me. And most important one, like my page on facebook :
So hope you will enjoy this give away.
Last date for this give away entry is 30th Jan 2013. The results will be declared on 1st Feb 2013
Will come back back many more works, expiriences in arts and crafts .

Until then  ,
Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,

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