Saturday, October 24, 2015

Customized card making

Its already years I made cards. Few years back I had made quilled cards for teacher's day because of my son's demand. Recently inspired by many card makers, again getting back to card making. I had the occasion too.
In our custom, when a baby starts walking , and the baby crosses the main door of the house, we celebrate it . In Kannada its called "Door crossing ceremony"(ಹೊಸಲು ತುಳಿಯುವುದು). One of my friends had invited me to the ceremony. She has twin babies. So I decided to make a card to wish them. I chose yellow handmade paper, to show the brightness.

And made a door with ice cram stick, in the shape of door. Attached the shape of feet using punchcraft.

Painted the door with wood color, acrylic paint

 As it was the ceremony for twin babies , glued two small baby punchcrafts and some embellishments which I had bought.
Outside glued some punch craft flowers and pearl embellishments.
I made this card to conceptualize my wish to the babies, "You are coming out of the house first time crossing thr door.Let your path be filled with flowers wherever you go".
I'm slowly getting back to paper-craft . Hope to make some more cards.Surely share all my expiriences with you all,

Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Decoupage - My craft table

Returning after a month to blogosphere. Life was hectic, due to father's health issues I had become like a shuttle between hospital and home. Due to stress I could not make anything. Now everything is sorted out. After his bypass surgery, my father is back to normal life. Returned to native Kumta.   Slowly life is coming back to normal. I  needed some refreshment, what else can refresh me other than my passion Arts and Crafts :)

As any craft person, even I always wished to have a craft room. I worked in many forms of arts and crafts, from sewing to paper craft, thread crafts like crochet, tatting , jewelry making, school projects, painting, sketching.... ( jack of all master of none :)). But the major problem with any crafts person is accumulation of crafts materials. I'm not an exception to it. Family members always blame about the loads of craft materials. Its obvious that a crafts person needs a well organized place with craft materials. I also wished the same, but I did not have a separate room for this. I turned a small unused space in my house into craft room.  In a craft room the craft table is very important. For me its comfortable to sit on floor and work on crafts. So I preferred a short table. Got it done by a carpenter. I told the carpenter to not to polish it so that I could decorate it according to my idea.

I thought decoupage will be the best, so chose a picture to paste on it. Here it is, with the picture I selected to decoupage:

First applied the wood primer , and pasted the picture on the top of the table.

The extended the picture with little bit of oil painting:

Finish it with painting on the borders. I thought dull brown color would look better, instead I selected bright colors. As this is the table where I spend time exploring my creativity. It should be bright :)
 I always like Kuttchu designs, so attached the Kuttchus made of woolen thread on the edges:
Then with the final application of varnish, the table is ready.

My wish to have a separate craft table for my craft works is fulfilled with this decoupaged small table. Slowly arranging all my craft materials. My wish is to have handmade organizers. So decorating each of those with different ideas. Surely I will take into my craft room when it is completely ready.

Until then,

Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,


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