Friday, November 4, 2016

How to transfer design on stitched dress-Tutorial

This is the query I often get from most my readers. For embroidery projects, transferring the design on fabric is the tedious task. One method is to use charcoal powder. Another is using white carbon paper. Though this method is easy, but for large designs,even this is time consuming.

Whatever the technique we use, transferring design on stitched garment is quite difficult , especially around neck area.

How to transfer the design:

My suggestion for embroidery on stitched fabric, avoid large or complex  designs.
This is the stitched salwar top I selected for embroidery:
How to transfer design
The stitched dress I chose

I chose , simple Kutchwork design . I have these two designs in Kutchwark. Kutchwork designs are geometrical, something goes wrong with the design, that can be corrected. Both the designs I have are similar , I chose the first one:
How to transfer design
Kutch design sheet

Place a book below the fabric where the design to be transferred.
How to transfer design
Keep a book for support

 Now , place the carbon and the design , trace with a pencil or pen. Here is the design transferred on the fabric. There are some mistakes, which I can correct.
How to transfer design
Kutchwork design transferred

Hope to complete the embroidery on this dress. I was away from hand embroidery for few months. Starting it again with this Kutch embroidery. You can view other Kutch embroidery I had worked earlier , shared in this post: Kutchwork on Salwar Top .

Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,


  1. Good post. Initially I traced like this while doing on stitched dresses. But tracing exactly around the neckline is difficult. Right? But nowadays I do the embroidery before stitching. Looking forward for the finished embroidery.

  2. You are so clear in your thoughts, that's why your work is great!

  3. wow love your detailed post... want to see the finished work as well


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