Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Screen printing on plain cotton saree

It had been a year that I could not work on screen printing. I have many beautiful designs of screen. Recently  I had designed a screen printing on a saree, which I had shared in the post : Screen printing on saree after years.
Yesterday worked on another saree. This was also a plain cotton saree in purple color, with very beautiful stripe border in Yellow and Maroon. To design on sarees with plain border is quite easy. Any motif can be used  to design the saree. So I used motif of peacock design along the border :

 Here is the closer view of the motif:

To  match the border I printed maroon and yellow paisley motifs.
The pallu has lines of gold zaree, so printed small peacock motifs on that:
I'm planning design many sarees, and next project is designing the blouse for this dakai jamdani saree with Kamal embroidery.

 Soon will share about the same.
Until then,
Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,

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