Monday, November 28, 2016

Papier Mache craft of Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir, which is known for its natural beauty, is also known for many handicrafts. Who doesn't know about Kashmiri embroidery? Most of us wish to own a Kasmiri carpet. If we observe all the handicrafts of Kashmir, they are  done , using very delicate designs. Another such handicraft of India, is Papier Mache work.

I could collect some pictures of papier mache work , when I visited a handicrafts exhibition.The manufacturer explained about how they make  different products using papier mache. 
Papier Mache
Different products of Papier Mache

The process of making Papier Mache:

Normally they use fine sheets of wood, from a kind of pine tree. And some use old papers too. These are made into pulp, by soaking in water and some chemicals for 4-5 days and grinding it. The pulp is molded into different shapes. And painted with natural colors . Earlier days, the golden color was made with real gold powder. Now they use acrylic and natural colors.

Here are two kinds of paintings. One with single color and another with different colors. The paintings which made with different color is very difficult to make and looks beautiful too.
Papier Mache
Papier mache in single color and different colors.

Though papier mache was used to make boxes and pen stands, now the manufacturers make different decorative products. I could click photos of some :
Papier Mache
Different products of papier mache

Papier Mache
Small house boat model made of papier mache

Papier Mache
pen stand and a box 

As any other handicrafts of Kashmir, papier mache also has very intricate work and design. I wish to see the complete process of making this , whenever I visit Kashmir.

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  1. I love those paper mache products, I have few decorative pieces and boxes I bought in exhibitions here. Thanks for sharing !


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