Thursday, May 15, 2014

Suggi - A harvest folk dance

In India harvest is celebrated in many ways. In our district (North Kanara, Karnataka), its celebrated by performing a dance "Suggi" by the farmers.
Suggi, dress itself is very colorful. Mainly it contains "Turai"- which is worn on head of the dancer. This is made of Solawood. "Gudigar ", a community of artists makes this.( About  Gudigars I have written in my previous post)
Here are some pictures  of making the Turai,
These are the Solawood collected by the artist
The solawood will be peeled , made into small pieces and colored with dark pink.
Also some white and colored flowers are made for decoration.
Then these are arranged on a thin stick.

The decorated sticks are made into colorful bunch. Here you can see an artist arranging the colorful sticks:
This is very beautiful , the completed bunches :
"Turai", is very specific to "Suggi". Most of the  dancers wear this on the head. All the dancers, go to temples and few houses , and perform the "Suggi ". They dance to the a Rhythmic music. Its really lovely to see the happiness of the farmers in the form of their dance.
"Suggi" , dancers( the image is not so clear :( )
Now a days some of the dancers dress differently also :
Here are the dancers , dressed as a woman and one more as Hanuman,

They perform the dance up to Holi  ( A festival which is celebrated with colors)
Now as other folk dances of India, this is also a vanishing. A very few farmers are left who perform this dance form.
Every year during March month I remember about "Suggi". I really miss watching "Suggi". This year collected these pictures from my brother, to share about this folk dance with you all.
Soon will share about many arts and crafts...

Until then,
Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,

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