Sunday, March 31, 2013

Touch of Krishna - Oil Painting

You have already seen the pencil sketchings of Radha Krishna in the post Radha Krishna -Unbounded Love
There were some comments saying Radha never existed , Radha was imaginary etc. As mine is arts and crafts blog, I keep away from such discussion, though  I have read from some sources, that Radha was imaginary.
Whatever, Radha Krishna companionship is always inspiration to many forms of arts like-
 Music - there are thousands of songs and Bhajans regarding Radha and Krishna. All  the bollywood movie lovers will agree with the fact that, there are number of movie songs inspired by Radha Krishna :-)
 Dance- almost all forms of Indian dances have Radha Krishan dance ,  there are millions of sketches and paintings made about Radha Krishna. Almost all the forms of arts have some way  inspired by Radha Krishna.

This is one painting which attracted me, I've taken this from Arts of Krishna FB page. This is a painting to depict the first touch of Krishna . Tried to recreate it.  But as usual, confessing,  I'm not trained in oil painting. So could not give complete justice to the painting :-(.

Here is my attempt:

I know, you will find lots of mistakes in this painting.  But I enjoyed painting it, though it took almost 15 days to complete the painting. 

Whatever the scholars say about Radha Krishna, whether Radha existed or not, according to me Radha and Krishna were great friends, who thoroughly enjoyed each other's company, spent good time with each other. 
Lastly , if Radha existed, then Radha must have remembered this touch of Krishna life long. What do you opine?

Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Dress design- Patchwork

After a long break , coming back to blogosphere. I could not work on any arts and craft project, because of my busy work schedule and my son's exam. My son's exam! Uff! felt like I was writing the exam .:-).

Now I could work on long pending work, design a dress with patchwork. I had bought the patches in an exhibition , and I was lucky to find exactly matching lace for those patches.

The cloth is Maroon Khadi silk, attached the lace on the border and patches on the middle. And some motifs around the patches.

Here it is:
Closer view of the patches and the lace:
I think , green bottom and duppata would look good on this . What do you say?

Now  working on an oil painting, soon share about that.

Until then,
Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,

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