Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Gombe Habba Part 2- The Gombe habba I visited- continued

Already I have written two posts about Gombe habba. In last post I have written about the Gombe habba I visited this year. This is the continuation of the last post as I could not share all the images in the last post.
I had shared only about the the dolls arranged surrounding the central arrangements of dolls. Here is the centrally arranged dolls in steps:
 The closer view,you can see many dolls of different Gods and Goddesses, in different sizes.
Both the sides dolls arranged very artistically :
The below doll of Shri Chamundeshwari is very beautiful. This is nearly 35 years old and still has that charm.
Even I liked this idol of Sharada, isn't the smile on the face mesmerising?
There were many more dolls , I could capture photos of some . Here are those:
Parvati worshipping, Lord Shiva:
Cute Krishna dancing on the Kalinga:
Dolls depicting marriage ceremony of Shri Venkareshwara:
And the Rangoli in front of the dolls was also very artistic.
The complete arrangement was done very meticulously. Everywhere I could recognize the interest and  passion.
Oh! Forgot, the below is the one which attracted me. The traditional bell, with my favorite Krishna on it :-)
In the next post will share about the street of dolls I visited,

Until then,
Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Gombe Habba Part 2- The Gombe habba I visited

Sorry , I'm  late in writing this post. I really feel this should have been shared with you during Dasara. As I was busy (as usual same excuse :-)) , I could not.
I have already shared about some unique dolls . In this post sharing about the Gombe Habba I visited this year. Knowing that I'm crazy about this festival,one of my friends , Divya took me to visit  Gombe habba , at her relative's house. I should thank her for this.
The hospitality I received at the house was very nice. The host took us to a big hall , where many dolls were arranged very artistically.
When I entered the hall, I could see my favorite Krishna Idol, decorated with plants around it. I felt Krishna is waiting in Brindavan for his Radha.
Next was Gouri and Ganesha.
Both the sides you can see procession carrying God in Chariots.Here is the closer view:

Here is the set of cute dolls which are depicting Hindu marriage ceremony:
 Don't you think, the couple looks made for each other?
Here is the beautiful view of Kailasa Parvata , with Lord Shiva and Parvati.Isn't that giving divine feeling?
 These are all the decoration made surrounding. The arrangement of dolls made in the centre had many beautiful and cute dolls. About those, I will share in the next post,

Until then,
Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Gombe Habba Part 1- Unique dolls displayed in an exhibition

Gombe Habba, is the festival celebrated during Navaratri,especially in Bangalore and Mysore region. I have already written about Gombe habba in my previous posts.

Dolls taking you to era of Ramayana
 Walking down the street of dolls
Oh! I got an invitation for Gombe Habba

I'm always enthusiastic to write about the Gombe habba( festival of dolls) . This year I have a lot to write about dolls. In this first post sharing images of unique dolls . These pictures was shared by my friend, with her permission sharing with you.
The below are the replica of Mysore Palace, with Dasara procession in front of the palace.

Dasara, Gombehabba

This is wood replica  of Jayachamarajendra Circle in Mysore.
Laxmi Narasimha 
 Idol of Goddess  . You can see cute little elephants with Ambari.
 Chamundeshwari on Pallakki.
 This is very cute one. Replica of the famous throne , made of Papermache, with king sitting on it.

Aren't these unique? 

Still more to share with you about Gombe habba,

Until then,
Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,

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