Sunday, October 30, 2016

Painting a Deepa (Diya) for Deepavali

Deepavali celebration is going on. Today is second day of Deepavali. Hindu's celebrate this by performing Laxmi pooja(worshipping Laxmi- the Goddess of Prosperity) The other tradition like lighting the lamps and bursting crackers are going on.

Deepavali means row of Deepa ( lamps). In all the houses lamps are lit. It is wonderful and colorful to see the view. I have collection of different types of lamps. In some places there are exhibition of different kinds of lamps(Deepa). I also  prefer to gift Deepas(lamps) to my friends and loved ones. This year also continued the same tradition. I had some terracotta lamps with peacock design , which I had bought last year. Decided  to paint these lamps  and gift those to my friends.
Here is the terracotta lamp:
Diya painting
Terracotta lamp  

As a first step, painted it with primer.
Diya painting
After applying primer

Painted with different colors:
Diya painting
Applied color

And shaded with copper color. Here is the painted lamp:
Diya painting
Hand painted Terracotta lamp  

For Deepavali, what else can be better gift than a hand painted Deepa(lamp) ? :)

Happy and safe Deepavali.

Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,


  1. Wow beautifully painted diya..happy diwali!

  2. peacock design lamps looks so cute...your painting makes it elegant

    happy diwali..

  3. Nice lamp. I too had bought a lot simple diyas and wanted to paint and distribute but could not complete it on time due to other things. So at least next year I should be able to do.

  4. Beautiful creation.
    The colors chosen so well.

  5. Very pretty and innovative! Hope you had a Happy Diwali

  6. Oh wow, you changed the entire look of the diya :) beautiful... You are gifted Ranjana :)

  7. Beautiful painting. Wish you Happy Depavali.


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