Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The dolls can make you a celebrity!

Dasara celebration is going on. I have already shared about Gombe habba celebrations in my earlier posts. Gombe habba is a lovely tradition of Dasara, celebrated in Bangalore and Mysore (of Karnataka, India). This is the tradition, celebrated enthusiastically,among all , kids and adults. In fact celebrating Gombehabba, an adult becomes a kid, while arranging the colorful dolls. :-)

I don't know the origin of celebration of Gombehabba. My guess is, it might have started to exhibit the talents of women, who had very less exposure those days. But nowadays we have several opportunities to showcase talents and skills. Here is one such opportunity showcase the dolls arrangements made by you. A well known , Kannada  daily news paper ,"Vijaya Karnataka", has announced a competition to showcase your talent of arranging dolls. I saw this , and could not resist from sharing with you all. Here it is :

Click the photos of dolls arrangements made at your home and send it to the address given(Dasara Gombe Sparde, No.4, Jaya Sai Towers, Sajjana Rao Road, V.V.Puram , Bengaluru -560004)
 The last date is on 5th Oct. Hurry up, you never know , your dolls might make you a celebrity!

I really appreciate the efforts by the team of Vijaya Karnataka , for creating this opportunity.

                             "HAPPY DASARA TO ALL"

Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,


  1. I love this tradition of beautifully arranging different dolls so meticulously. It is very colorful as well. I would go to our friends' houses and be amazed to see their wonderful dolls. Fun times.

    Happy dasara to you. :) Have lots of fun.


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