Friday, October 28, 2016

Converting an old saree to frocks

Deepavali, the festival of lights started. All are in festive mood. Deepavali is not only festival of lights, I consider this as festival of shopping :) and festival of gifts. This year I have planned to give all handmade gifts to all. To gift, twin babies I stitched two frocks from an old silk saree.

This saree was gifted to me by their grand mother, who was very talented. I have written about her works and talents in my previous posts.  The saree she gifted me is here, a beautiful blue Banaras saree with silver zari border:
How to stitch a frock

Many times, thought not to cut this saree, but this is the best gifts I can give to the kids. So decided stitching frocks for her grand children.

How to stitch a frock:

Though I used to stitch , my dresses earlier, recently had not stitched anything. I was out of touch of stitching dresses. I had forgotten , how to cut pattern for a frock. My old books helped me and also my sister who is an expert helped me to recollect. Here are the cuttings of the frock:
How to stitch a frock
Front and back of the frock

Stitched the cuttings, and here is the top part of the frocks:
How to stitch frock
Top part of the frock
While stitching a frock , the difficult part is to stitch the top part. Once this is done, attaching the frills is very easy. So I could finish the frock within few hours. Here is the finished frock:
How to stitch frock

The twins were looking very pretty wearing the frocks.

I have the border of the saree left out. Planning to design a saree with that. Hope to share about that soon.

Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,


  1. Looks beautiful. You should share the picture of girls too.

  2. This is so cute & perfect gift for both. Looking so cute Ranjana. By the way, word is Deepawali or Dewali? I heard both :)
    Have a great festival!

    1. Thank you Khadija.
      In South India , it is Deepavali, and in North India it is called Diwali. Both are same, festival of lights..

  3. Great idea!!! here when people are fed up with their lehengas they often convert them into frocks and they look totally new...
    good luck for diwali

  4. Lovely frock!! Happy Diwali to you:)


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