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Use Of Paper Mache Craft For Daily Use And House Decoration

(Guest post by : Ashutosh- Owner  of online handicraft store
Paper mache or papier mache is an easy to make art that is used for creating daily utility products and for house decoration as well. Paper mache is created with a combination of paper, water and some other products and it is used for making various objects like house decoration products, key holders, trays, ornaments etc. Paper mache products are designed by skilled artisans with the utilization of waste paper. Vibrant colors are applied to these objects and various shapes are given. Paper mache items look beautiful and they are considered to be great gifting options. 
Some of the products which are too good for gifting :
Buddha statue made of Paper Mache

Jewellery Box made of Paper mache

Jewellery box made of Paper Mache
The artisans make sure that every paper mache item has a great finish, it looks attractive and it comprises of creative use of waste paper. The best way of buying paper mache items is buying them online.  Beautiful key holders and showpieces are available that can serve the utility purpose and they also look great in your house. Paper mache is also an environmentally friendly option for your house instead of using house decoration products made from plastics and composites.
All the paper mache products are delicate and decorative and they depict the artistic zeal and craftsmanship of the artisans. These products can also be used for house decoration for various festivals. 

The Making of Paper Mache products

 The process of making paper mache products is simple but it involves a lot of time because detailed work has to be done on these products to make them durable and beautiful. Creation of paper mache products involves two important steps : ‘sakhtsazi’ (actual production of the products) and ‘naqashi’ (the process of painting the product). The traditional Kashmiri method of making paper mache products starts with soaking waste paper in water for many days until it is disintegrated. After some days, the excess water is drained out from the soaked paper and it is mixed with rice straw, cloth and bonding agents in order to create a pulp. This mixture is then poured into a mould and it is left to set for two or three days. When the mixture is ready, it is cut into two halves and it is glued back again. After this, the base color is applied and it is ready for the artist to paint.

The designs on the paper mache products are printed with a free hand and this is the main reason why they look so explicit. Vibrant colors add to the beauty of the product. At times, metallic paint is used on the paper mache products that provides with an illuminated feel. 

The paper mache artisans transform a wide range of utility articles into beautiful and magnificent pieces of art. You will be amazed with the way even a simple paper mache key holder adds glory to your house. Paper mache is a unique handmade product that is available at cheap prices and that provides an authentic look to your house. 
 Any handicraft lover would own at least one paper-mache product. You can buy these  online store :

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  1. So beautiful.. Can't believe they are made from paper..

  2. Beautiful art decor... Thanks for sharing :)


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