Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tutorial to make houseboat - for school projects

The school projects for our kids are really fun to the crafty moms, but it gives lots of stress also sometimes. Normally in schools ask for making either working models or demo models . When my son was in lower classes I used to make the models for exhibition in his schools.Once I had made model depicting deforestation and  model of  houses. Now he is grown up doesn't need my help  :).

I get many emails regarding school projects, inquiring how to make models. Thought in in some of posts if I write about the tutorial to make some school projects and models, it may be helpful to some moms of school going kids.
In this post sharing about steps to make model of house-boat. As this is quite a long procedure, I will be sharing it in two consecutive posts. 

The materials needed to make the model are:

model of house boat
 1. A small carton box
 2. A thermacol sheet
 3. Ice-cream sticks
 4. Fevicol
 5. Brown colors of 2 shades
 and  a paper gum tape.
model of house boat

Procedure :

 Select any one corner of the carton box. 
model of house boat
Cut it on both the sides, so that you get a piece like shown below:
model of house boat

Both the sides cut to form a piece as shown :
model of house boat
Fold both the ends and fix it with paper tape, so that it forms a boat like shown in the below image:
model of house boat
The boat is ready! Its very easy and made with whatever available waste materials at home. Making house and attaching is quite a  lengthy procedure, so sharing in the next post.
For rest of the tutorial visit the link here.

Until then,
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