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Wood craft of Chittoor-Andhra Pradesh

Wood craft is very ancient craft practiced in India. Though very ancient crafts are practiced in mud (terracotta ),slowly people started using wood because of its durability. I have already shared about the Woodwork of Rajasthan and Wood craft practiced in Coastal Part of Karnataka . Both are entirely different, but both are elegant and very intricate. There are hundreds of varieties of wood work practiced in India, hope to write about all in this blog :-).
In this post sharing about the wood craft of Chittoor- Andhra Pradesh. The wood products crafted in Chittoor varies from small toy to big idols and panels. Majorly its practiced in Kalahasti.The wood required is sourced from nearby forests. The wood is soft and light, and this wood is also used to make toys like kondapalli toys.
The major distinguishing feature of the wood craft of Chottoor from the wood craft of Karnataka is the color. Here you can see the difference:
Wood craft
Wood craft of Karnataka
Wood craft
Wood craft of Chittoor
In wood craft of Chittoor ,after carving the theme on wood, its polished and painted with colors to give life to it. Here are some images of wood craft of Chittoor :

Lets start from this beautifully crafted Pacnhamukhi (5 faceds ) Ganesha Idol. 


 Here are some wall panels and wooden idols. You can see the perfect combination of colors have brough life into the idols.

 Here is a panel depicting Vishnu Kalyana ( Marriage of Lord Vishnu) , before paints applied:

 Ans , at last not the least my all time favorite idol of  Lord Shri Krishna
 May be its South India or North India, always Indian culture , arts and crafts mesmerize  me. I always love to know about all the crafts of India, also to share with you all. Keep watching this space to know more about Indian crafts.

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  1. Awesome pics.. Great work Ranjana..

  2. Beautiful - thank you for sharing this.

  3. WOW, such beautiful craft. I went to a church in Newark and the wood work there is out of the world. Huge respect to such artists.

  4. Hello Ranjana..
    Thanks for this artistic and and informative have made it easy yi spot the difference between Karnataka and chittoor woodwork..
    Wish I knew about it when I visited kalhasti last year ...

  5. Awesome art, Ranjana! A great post!!

  6. Indeed exquisite work! Great details!

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  8. Speechless so beautifully brought up! Just a question how to get in touch

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    We are planning to go to Kalahasti this weekend. Would you know where I can get hold of these. Thanks.


  10. do you have address of this place any contacts,this is geetanjali from mumbai


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