Friday, January 16, 2015

Peacock design- carving on Mahabodhi temple

It has been quite sometimes that I had planned to share peacock designs. .  The perfect blend of enchanting colors o the peacock feather, and the pattern have made it used in many forms of arts and crafts.
Peacock feather
Image courtesy- Wikipedia
 I had designed a saree using glitter paint  and a dress with peacock design.  I love to work for some more sarees with peacock designs. Almost all forms of Indian arts and crafts are influenced by peacock designs, may be its Rangoli, embroidery designs, jewel designs, mehandi designs, wood work or carvings in temples. Let me start the series of posts on peacock design with this carving on the walls  Mahabodhi temple of Bodhgaya.  
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On the outer walls of Mahabodhi temple  there is carvings of Buddha is different meditation postures. Below that the design of two peacocks heading each other is carved.
In another carving the design is  different , the two peacocks are holding a bead strand together.
Mahabodhi temple

Both have very beautiful peacock designs.I'm planning to use in my next project of embroidery. Will share the designs once it is completed. I feel it can be used in Rangolis and paintings too. What do you opine?

I will share many more peacock designs in coming posts, in the section: Mayuri

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