Sunday, January 4, 2015

Colorful Wood work of Rajasthan

Rajasthan , which has biggest desert of India, is famous for unique crafts.As I have observed almost all crafts of Rajasthan like tie and die on cloths, block printing , phad painting, miniature painting, blue pottery, Meenakari etc involve lots of bright colors.Even most of the  folk songs of Rajsthan includes the word "Rang", means colors.
As opined by many craft researchers, wood work is pactised in very few places in Rajasthan, where there is existence of forests. Wood work practised in many parts of India, use paint to minimal. The woodwork of Rajasthan, is not only involves very intricate carvings, also painted artistically.
Here is glance of the woodwork of Rajasthan, which I captured in an exhibition :


 Wooden boxes are made with wood and embossed with metal sheets. And allover decorated with colors and designs.

 Carved and painted figures are very attractive :
Here are some beautifully carved wall stands :

  The replica of Jharoka, is very significant in Rajasthani wood work. To know about Jharokas, wait for the next post.
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  1. I bought two of those man figurines when we had a trip to Rajasthan. Some more small items too and my daughter took puppets.
    The figurines were too heavy to take on travel. Luckily they had the system of book now, ship later.

  2. Hi ranjana ! Its a pleasant surprise to see you .you have a lovely space thanks for sharing your captures.I am a person who likes to stay at home but see all the beautiful places and things,your blog comes as a pleasure .....keep on your good work..cheers

  3. Very colorful wood work. I have one such at my home.

  4. Such gorgeous work by our indian artists. .hope they get the reward for their hard work..excellent work of showcasing them dear..wish you and your family a very happy new year!

  5. OMG! So tempting. Really there is no end to splurging in Rajasthan products.


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