Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Cutwork - An embroidery which needs lots of patience

Its always embroidery that I like the most in all arts and crafts. But it needs lot of patience. Now embroidery machines are used. As I know, with the machine only few kinds of the embroidery stitches can be made. Cutwork is included in the list of embroidery stitches which can be made using machine. Though it can be made using machine, it needs lots o patience and skill.
Cutwork originated from Italy and migrated to other parts of the world. Hand cutowrk is the traditional way of doing cutwork. Here the embroidery is done on the edges of the design and the inside fabric is cut away. Though I had learnt hand cutwork as well as machine cutowrk, I could not make any remarkable work in cutwork.
I could find the hand cutwork piece with Late Smt Manjula, who was an expert in all kinds of hand embroidery and crafts. Here are cutowrk she made:
 This is an elephant design, with cutwork done around the elephant design. Here is the closer view:
 Complete work is hand cutowork, really hats off to her patience.
Modern technique uses laser cutowrk, in which the designs can be made very precisely.
There are many forms in cutwork, about which Im collecting the details. Soon will share about different forms of cutworks.
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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Ramakrishnan, yes cutwork designs are always beautiful!
      Happy Sankranti to you also

  2. She did it so beautifully. I once had a dress where I specifically wanted cut work on neck and sleeves, it was beautiful.

  3. Oh! Such lovely ones! What all you know my dear!
    Amazing talent!


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