Friday, December 19, 2014

Model of village and forest - by a crafty woman

I often get emails from many, asking tutorials about crafts, especially on making models. A year ago I had received an email from Ms. Lalita , asking instructions for making street light and forest model for an exhibition in her daughter's school. I had replied that email with some instructions also had shared the links of the posts , 
Model made for an exhibition in School and  Another model of forest made by a creative Mom. 
Though I had requested to send her photos of the model, I didn't receive that. Gradually with time I had forgotten about Lalitha's email . 2-3 days back, I received an email from Lalitha, with the photos of the model she made for Bombehabba. I'm happy to read the reason she had delayed to reply, "She is blessed with baby boy". God bless both mother and the child. 
Thanks to her for sending the pictures of the model. I just loved those models.
 Here is the little village, with little houses, market, temple etc. The Worli painting behind is very attractive.
A small farm , with animals:
A forest, and you can see a tribal couple there :-)
The models of the moral stories ," Monkey and crocodile " and " The thirsty crow":

In all the models here Lalitha's creativity and passion for craft are  seen.  Lalitha with her daughter and dolls arrangements:
Thank you Lalitha , for sharing the photos. I don't know , to what extent the instructions , I had shared with you was helpful to you. But definitely the models you made will help many crafty people.
Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,


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