Monday, December 19, 2011

Exhibition in School-This time model of houses

Again, exhibition in my son's school. This time teacher told him to make model of different types of houses. Though I like making the models, this time, I was reluctant, because of two reasons. First one was, we had planned to visit our native, to attend a marriage, second, this model making requires lots of my time always :-). I informed his teacher, that he could not take part in exhibition this time, due to first reason.( Anyhow, any parent cannot tell the second reason  :-) But she didn't agree and told us at least to keep the model in the exhibition.
So went ahead making this model. 3-4 days of work, finally resulted something like this:

I made models of different types of houses, something to depict evolution of house and some special kinds of houses.
It starts from cave; I made this using Plaster Of Paris.

Then a mud house; again made with Plaster Of Paris

Then Villa, Bungalow and Apartments:

(Here I used , some readymade plastic models.)

And some special types of houses ;
Tent house
Boat house

This time my son helped me lot. Next time, he might not need my help, I think.
How fast the kids grow up! :-)

But as I said, he could not attend the exhibition to present this. We just kept the model in exhibition with his name plate on that: PRATARDAN   :-)


  1. Nyc work! I remember I made a chart showing all the different types of houses when I was in Class 2 with my mom's help. Your son is lucky to have a talented crafter like you as his mom. Great job! And all the best! :)

    Do chk my blog if you are free at

  2. Thanks , Antarik.
    I will definitely read your blog.

  3. WOW Fantastic work-- I am so glad you shared this! I find very few Indian "mom" bloggers sharing school projects-- yours is fantastic.
    So sad your son couldnt show off his project in front of peers and parents
    Have become your follower.
    Cheers from Bangalore

  4. Thanks, Dr.Sonia. Yes, he could not this time.

  5. what a collection of houses splendid work

  6. Wow Ranjana.....Great work. Loving your blog.

  7. Beautiful work Ranjana...!! Love the igloo ( reminds me of the one we made for a school project) and the house boat... !! Also love the evolution theme... very explanative !!

  8. Hi....very nice and creative work...but hw u made the land???


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