Monday, January 9, 2012

Emotions captured- My first attempt in pencil sketching

Hi All,

Happy new year!

Sorry, I could not post anything recently. Simple, I was not in mood. At a point thought, stop this blog. But, could not I've always found peace in arts and crafts.

I never learnt sketching. I’m learning, and this is my first attempt.

Whatever, I've sketched, is not at all, according to sketching rules. The proportions are not at all proper. All the experts in sketching, I'm sorry if you find mistakes in this sketching. I know you will definitely find many.

Imagined the emotions and tried to express in the form of sketching.

Here it is:

The woman looks alright to the outside world. That’s why; I've drawn the ornaments on her. But she is weeping inside. Something (may be depression, or any grief -I leave this to your imagination) is burning her.  The tears she has shed, formed a river, but still not able to extinguish the fire. This is my imagination. It might look different to you.

Again Happy New Year!


  1. that's a good try.. you will definitely improve. this is very good a piece for a first timer.

  2. Beautiful piece of Sketch. Wonderful depiction of feelings, emotions etc. Excellent piece of art.

  3. Thanks , blackandwhiteheart..I will definitely try to improve

  4. You are very talented. I am a new blogger and I would love to share ideas. I started following you and would love for you to follow me too! :) hhtp://

  5. Thanks Sarah. I will definitely read your blog.

  6. Aaah! this is wonderful I'd say and the world of imagination is crazy.. no boundaries and no limits.

  7. Oh, this is lovely! She's beautiful.

    I never studied art either, but I love playing with my sketchbooks. I clip out magazine pictures that I like and glue them into my sketchbooks for ideas. To practice drawing, I use those pictures to help get the proportions right. I can't do it otherwise, lol :)

  8. Thank you Marie. Ya, she is beautiful :-).

  9. Ranjana, I so loved this sketch of yours that I am actually using this piece of art. I am throwing colors to this sketch and turning it into a glass painitng. I want to seek your permission before I could post it on my blog. I will however link you for the copyrights of the sketch and concept.

    You can mail me if you have any concerns about this @



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