Saturday, December 10, 2011


This is the best cross stitch work I have seen. No, I have not made this. To make this kind of piece, will take at least 10 years for me. :-). My mother made this. Few years back, she had been to Chandigarh, to stay few months with my sister. She got this design from neighbor and started this work. She worked at least 2-3 years on this. This is really a large design, measuring 1 meter X 3/4 meter.
She gifted this to her sister (my aunt).
This is a complete cross stitch work, means even the red background is filled with cross stitch. So you can imagine the amount of work involved.
I had seen her working on this. Though she used to have , household work, she never got bored of this work. After finishing her household work, she was to open the materials  and start working. Whenever she used to travel, she was to carry this with her :-). I always used to tease her saying she would never finish this work. :-). Hundreds of Anchor embroidery skeins are used for this. Once she fell short of the red skeins and  asked  me to send some skeins. I forgot the number of the color and I thought its red so, sent some red color skeins. She filled some part of the design with the skeins I sent. After some filling was done, she realized that was not the exact color. The difference was negligible. But she removed all those, and again filled with the exact color skein. Perfection! She always used to tell us, "If you start any work, do it properly and complete it, never leave it unfinished". And also "If you are giving food to anybody, take care that the person's hunger is satiated, otherwise don't give".

One more view of the cross stitch work:

Since many days I wanted to share about this. But,I didn't have the photos of this. This is in my Aunt's house, so I requested my cousin to send the photos. I think these photos have not done justification to  the work. It looks too good, like a painting. That’s why I say this is the best cross stitch work I have seen.

She is making one more like this to give to my brother. Hats off, to her enthusiasm. I always think my passion towards arts and craft is inherited from her. Isn't it?


  1. Wow! this is looking so beautiful. This clearly reflects your Mom's dedication and hard work. She has so much patience.

    Thanks for sharing such a lovely hand work. Yes You have got the talent from your Mom...:)

    Ms Sharma

  2. wow!!!!!!!
    No doubt that this is the best one.
    Very nice work looks like a painting.
    Congragulate your mother for the nice work.

  3. Thank Ms.Sharma. You are right, she has too much of patience. It took 2-3 years to complete that.

  4. Thanks Viji, Sure, I will tell about the appreciations she has recieved for this.

  5. WOW it is so stunning and the story makes it all the more special!


  6. Wow! You do embroidery?!? I've always wanted to learn the art of embroidering :)!! Didn't get the chance to.

    Your new follower is here :)!!

  7. Hi, Came via Indivine.
    Though I don't know much about crafts, this one is impressive.
    Your mother is gifted, and hats off to her .
    I liked your other works too.I will visit often to increase my knowledge of crafts.



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  8. words......
    still my mouth is wide open...
    God bless....


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