Monday, October 17, 2011

Two more sarees-screen printed

I  bought a cotton  Saree for my mother in law, as she always likes to wear cotton sarees, when she is at home. It is a hand loom Saree in Maroon color with copper color border and pallu. I had some left over paint, so thought of screen printing this Saree. Chose the elephant design for the borders and paisley designs for the body. Printed both in green and copper color. Copper color doesn't look bright. This happens sometimes. Some colors do not come out bright on some clothes. Or may be because  the copper powder concentration was less. Don't know. Anyhow , next time I will keep these things in mind. Always Practise makes us perfect.

Here is the saree:

This is the closer look of the elephant design. Isn't it very cute?

The below saree is my Attige's ( sister in law). This is an old cotton saree, for which she wanted a make over. I thought screen printing is the quickest way to make over a saree. This is again maroon saree with, golden color border.


Selected peacock design for this. Printed small and big peacock motifs on the border and attached kundan. On the pallu, printed, simple straight vine design. On the shoulder, you can see, three peacock
 motifs around a circular motif.

I think peacock has inspired almost all form of visual arts. I've some good peacock designs , which I will share in the coming days. Now have a closer look of the peacock motif:

Also , my friend , from Australia, has sent , threads, which will be used for Brazilian Embroidery and a packet of beads.

I was thinking of learning Brazilian embroidery, but stuck, because the threads are not easily available in India. Knowing this, she has taken strain to send it to me. Thanks to her. I will start learning Brazilian Embroidery. Look at the beads, different shapes and nice colors. 
So many Craft work and materials! Isn't it a crafty week?  


  1. You can do BE with cone threads.Art silk is not a great substitute for rayon.But something is better than nothing. You can use them in combo with cone threads which we get in abundance here in India


  2. Thanks Deepa, Even I thought the same. Do you know where can we get the threads in India?

  3. Ranjana,the peacock design is simply superb.Do you make the screen printing yourself?Very nice.

  4. Thanks Mahalakshmi.Yes I make the screen printing myself. I've some ready-made frames also.

  5. Mahalakshmi, Even your works are wonderful.

  6. beautiful screen printing and yes elephant design is very cute.. keep up your good work.. :)

  7. Superb threading work special peacock designs. Also matching stones gives amazing looks. Very nice..Keep it up..


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