Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy Deepavali

Deepavali , the festival of light, is being celebrated across the country. Depavali- means row of light. Almost all know about significance of each day of Deepavali. People celebrate this , by lighting lamps. In south it continues till end of Kartika Maasa . In Hindu culture Deepa (Lamp ) has lot of significance. Deepa is lit always in front of idols of Gods, in temple as well as in homes.

Everybody knows how and why Deepavali is celebrated. I thought this is the right occasion, to share the collection of lamps I have. Every year, I buy a new lamp and add to my collection.

Here are the lamps I have.
This is made of brass, the peacock, holding the lamp, in the beak. 

The below two are of same design, lady holding the lamp, but made of different materials. This is the new lamp added to my collection, this year.

Few more are here :

Also I painted these terracotta lamps to give it as a gift to my sister. Have a look:

Hope you liked them all. Do share your comments.
"Wishing you all very happy Deepavali. May this Deepavali bring brightness in your life."


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  2. Ranjana madam

    Happy Diwali wishes to you and your family members and also to your crafts friends. Ranjana madam i hope you receive many more milestones in your carfts projects.

    Ranjana madam i am updating my Diwali message "Lamps of India" with some more Lamps images and also adding one photo of Rangoli we placed outside of our home and light the same with lamps.

    Ranjana madam some encouraging and well wisher bloggers who observed my messages and gave their inspirational comments many times. Ranjana madam from you also sometimes i received encouraging comments.

    Ranjana madam i hope to receive one encouraging comment from you for my Lamps of India message also like other comments you gave to my messages.


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