Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Quilt With Applique work and Painting

I love all kinds of Crafts , my first love is always embroidery, that too hand embroidery. But due to lack of time , recently I could not do anything in hand embroidery. Machine embroidery also has its own elegance, but needs too much of practise. But, we can finish the work fast. The applique work , if done using machine comes  out very well.

The below quilt is also made using Applique work. I like to gift quilts to new born babies. I feel that's the best gift, that can be given to new born baby. These will keep them warm and when they grow and start exploring or looking at the world through their little eyes, the colors will attract them.

I made this quilt , as my mother in law wanted to gift it to a new born baby. I had very less time. The design was from free coloring pages, which I downloaded . Got the design enlarged. 
The girl in the design is made of applique work using different color clothes. The flowers are painted using fabric paints( To save time :-)). In the edges of the quilt, you can see, the finishing is not so good. We learn from our mistakes!
But I got lots of appreciation from the proud mother of the baby!

I'm making one more quilt, for my son. Not completed yet. While making the quilt, I've undergone lots of stress :-). Soon I will share that with you.


  1. Hi Ranjana

    Liked your appliqued work quilt. Very well done.

  2. Wonderful quilt ! You have a wonderful space full of awesome craft works !Happily following you :)
    I'm a new blogger,do stop by my space:)



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