Friday, January 29, 2016

An online marketplace to sell your handmade products

We craft lovers end up making many handmade items, out of our passion. This happens with me many times. I keep on learning many forms of crafts and make many products. I can't keep all the items for myself. So I sell these items. But when I tried to sell items, I faced many problems. Most of the people would ask for half of the price. And most of the time many people from outside country were interested to buy the products, I could not sell because of the hassles like money transfer, shipping etc.
An Online market place :
My search for online market place was on. I wanted all the conveniences mentioned above. I could find some but I was not satisfied with the terms and conditions about the commission. At last my search ended on finding a freeonline shop where the hidden costs or commissions are not involved. That online market place is

 Signing up with  

Signing up with is very easy. Just a click on the link here, and fill up the profile details. Also you can sign up with your facebook  or twitter account.

Selling your products worldwide:  is an online place where you can showcase and sell your handmade products worldwide. Setting up of your online shop is very easy. The categories you can work with can be chosen from the given list and create your show room to showcase and sell the products. It’s easy to upload the images of the products.

Ezebee is a platform connected worldwide. So your handmade products are available to many to view. There are search options for different categories. The online customers can browse the categories, select the product and place the order. The payment gets directly deposited to the seller's account. You don't have to pay commission to anyone to sell your handmade products. The product also should be shipped byt the artisan.
 Free facebook shop
 There is one more feature in, which I liked is Free face book shop. The seller can add Facebook shop app toFacebook Page and get more sales from fans.

Become an entrepreneur with, is a platform which help many of the artisans to become entrepreneurs , by making their handmade products to reach worldwide. As I have mentioned, is connected internationally, available in 140 countries and 9 different languages. It has the platform to support different currencies. Also you can get connected to other artisans. Most of the time entrepreneurs get stuck by not finding a proper online market place to sell their products. If they have also, the commission deduction by platforms is really disappointing.

 I found a right place to sell my handmade products.
You can visit the shop here and also sign up to set up your shop here.

Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,
available in over 140 countries and 9 different languages - See more at:
available in over 140 countries and 9 different languages - See more at:
available in over 140 countries and 9 different languages - See more at:
available in over 140 countries and 9 different languages - See more at:


  1. Thank you for sharing the details!! Unfortunately, I am interested in selling patterns rather than finished pieces. Etsy was a marketplace for crafters but there too after the policy change of including the wholesalers, it is no longer of any use.

    1. You can also sell on as a supplier/wholeseller :)

  2. Thank you so much Ranjana for sharing. I was also looking and searching for something like etsy. I would definitely try thus site.. You are such sweetheart.. ��

  3. This is so awesome. I am so glad that you have found a nice avenue to sell your fantastic craft work. All the very best. :)

  4. So good for you!
    Good luck to you for more sales!

  5. Thanks for the info. Ranjana :) Will check it out soon .....

  6. That's a great site for artists. And the Facebook feature is an added bonus.

  7. I checked out the site. It looks great!
    All the best to you. I'm sure it would be an awesome place for your crafts, Ranjana. :)


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