Thursday, January 21, 2016

Five years of blogging

I have completed five years in blogosphere. Time just flies. Started this blog to share about my experiences and experiments in arts and crafts. Another wonderful year completed , with 30 more posts about different arts and crafts.
Last year , my blog was neglected by me a  bit. I was busy with my other commitments. This year I'm confident  that I will share many posts about different forms of arts and crafts, write about many artists whom I have met and their works, and of course about my projects too.
This blog started with a post about qulling. And , it just went on. This blog is nearing 200 posts. The year 2015 was fantastic year for me as I had learnt many crafts, including siporex mural carving. Year of fulfillment, as I visited many events happening in arts and crafts world including Chitrasante -2016  . I worked on many forms of crafts , like decoupage, card making and punch craft
I converted a small space in my house to a craft room, with a small table decoupaged , and decorated it with a little  idol  of Buddha I bought from Bodhgaya . 
Here is the glimpse of Buddha in  my craft room. About my crft room which I will  share in the coming posts, as still it has to be organised. Otherwise my time was wasted in searching materials :)

Buddha idol
Small Buddha idol in my craft room

Buddha idol
After I have craft space , all the materials are organized properly and I'm able to work on more projects.

Last year I could not work on saree designing. Hardly  2-3 sarees I designed, but very happy with the sarees I have designed. My favourite is the saree which I designed with printings of Jaimini Roy's paintings.
This year planning to share more about saree designing and also include video tutorials about school craft projects.
Five years of blogging has given me pleasure, learning and wonderful friends in the blogosphere. The journey will continue with you all. 
Thank you for being part of my life in this blogosphere.

Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,


  1. Congratulations Ranjana... Working on blog consistently is not as easy as it seems.. 200 posts is something amazing you have achieved.. Keep blogging..

  2. 21.01.2011 TO 21.01.2016




  3. Your decoration with a little idol of Buddha is very Ideal :)

  4. Well done. Five years is a great achievement, and you are much better at posting regularly than I am. I love Indian arts and crafts so I enjoy seeing what you put on my blog. I'm currently working on an embroidered piece that is loosely based on Indian designs. Do drop by if you're interested.
    Greetings from Engand,
    Kind regards,

  5. Many Congratulations Ranjana! Here's to many more happy years of crafting & art!!! :)
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog & taking the time to comment as well:) But just to clarify, all the nameplates are made by me:)

  6. Congrats on your blog anniversary!! Wish you many more years of crafting time!!

  7. Many many Congratulations :) Keep blogging

  8. Congrats Ranjana!!! :) Hoping to see many more crafty projects this year...

  9. First of all... many many congratulations on an amazing journey so far (both in art world and the blog world :)). Five years is a really long time and here is wishing you a lot more years of art and writing. :) Your craft works are amazing and so are your posts describing them to great detail. Really enjoy reading about your experiences with art as well. Keep going. :)

    And your art room already is looking great. :) Looking forward to seeing more of it.

  10. Congrats Ranjana, So happy for you. Great to connect you via blogging. You are doing great! keep sharing creativity. I hope to see your many many more years at blogsphere :) Keep sharing awesomeness! Happy blogging :)

  11. Many congratulations my dear! Proud of you! Much love...
    Cheers, Archana -

  12. So happy reading this...Congratulations on the long journey :)
    Always a pleasure seeing your craft work and saree designing sounds so interesting!

    Best of luck with another 5 and beyond!

  13. Your blog is always exciting to read. Keep up the blogging.

  14. that is great and congratulations :)

  15. Congrats ranjana..for 200 successful posts you have achieved a lot..

  16. Congratulations dear Ranjana.
    Sending some love and some hugs.
    Happy Crafting, Happy blogging!! :)


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