Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Saree designed with an old silk border

Last year I could  design very few  sarees. All the materials I have bought to design sarees are quitely sitting in the cupboard waiting for their turn,to get designed as saree. I could complete an order from my friend , designing Saree with screen printing . And another with paisley design.

And for myself I had designed a saree with patchwork of cloth with pritns of Jaimini Roy's paintings. Another as a gift to my sister in law, with Kalamkari Border. I have done saree designing with patch work or attaching of borders, as it is easy and takes very less time. Thinking of designing sarees with fabric painting , Kutch embroidery and Kerala Mural painting. Don't know when I can complete the designing of those sarees :)

Here is the one I designed recently:
This I designed for my mother in law. She had an old silk saree which was damaged all over the body. But the border is very beautiful and not damaged. Still the zari has the same luster.

To contrast the border I bought simple cloth in dark blue, with motifs all over in Banarasi weaving.

See how the border looks on the cloth:

Stitched the border along the length , using my sewing machine. This sewing machine is always my favorite. I have designed many sarees using this machine and made many embroideries too.

And little above the border attached  a small border made from the brocade cloth I had.
Here is my Chammak Challo ( the mannequin) wearing the saree.

I didn't have to design the blouse for this, already my mother in law had the same old blouse stitched. :)

Soon will design a saree with Kutch work embroidery. Hope I will complete that soon.

Until then,
Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,


  1. I love the glittery border and the bright colours.
    It's a mystery to many English people how a sari stays in place! Maybe it's magic?

    1. Thanks Jane. Will share sometimes how to drape the saree. Then this won't look like magic :)

  2. We made cushions out of an old saree. It would have better if we used it like you did. Looking forward to the new design.

  3. Hi

    The sari looks very enchanting! You have recycled the old one very creatively :)

  4. You have used well the old saree border. ItS like old wine in a new bottle.

  5. Looks lovely. The blue color is an eyecatcher and the border compliments it perfectly!

  6. So pretty!! :) Do you embroider on machine? I have tried and failed always.

    1. Thank you Preeti. Yes, I have learnt machine embroidery. Its amazing.Try it.

  7. Its beautiful Ranju... you've used it so well :-)
    I'd love to do such things too.. but hardly get an opportunity to wear sarees here... all of them are just enjoying their nap in the closet... :-(

    Cheers, Archana -

  8. This looks so lovely, Ranjana. Blue is my favorite color too.

  9. Beautiful :) Creative and looks customized !

  10. They seem to work great together.
    The end product is lovely, Ranjana. :)

  11. That is a gorgeous sari. :) Lovely embroidery.

  12. You've used the border so well. very creative ranjana.


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