Friday, January 8, 2016

Recycling an Old clock with Warli designs

The gifts given by our loved ones are always preservable.  However old it is, our heart doesn't allow to discard such gifts. This clock I have also one such gift, which was gifted by one of my friends. It has the pulses framed. Slowly the pulses were getting spoiled.

Wooden clock
I didn't want to discard it or give it to someone, as this was a gift from my friend. So thought of giving it different design. I like Warli designs. In my previous post I have shared about the Warli design wall decal.
I unframed the clock and removed the pulses from that.
Warli paintings
After removing the pulses

 Warli paintings are basically made by the tribal people. I always feel Warli designs look very nice with earthy orange and white.So I painted the clock with earthy orange color .
Warli designs
After painting the frames with color
And finally drew the Warli designs on the frame as well as inner parts, in white. And framed it again with glass.
Warli paintings
After painting with Warli designs
This is how it looks now on the wall, representing  memories of my friend who gifted me this.
Warli designs
Clock with Warli design on the wall

Its better to recycle the things, according to the latest trends, rather than throwing or discarding it.  Recycling not only gives new look ,also refreshes the memories associated with it. 

Learning making murals on siporex blocks. Soon will share about the same soon.

Until then-
Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,


  1. I share your sentiment about gifts...I too treasure them like crazy and cant let go . Fabulously you revived it!
    Dr Sonia

    1. Thank you Sonia.Recycling is one more way of making it new

  2. innovative transformation....lovely

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  4. The clock is looking very nice, Ranjana!! Great idea:)
    Happy new year to you!!

  5. Beautiful's a complete transformation!

  6. I think you are a magician! Amazing work by you!

  7. That's unique design for wall clock. Hand crafted gift for yourself :-)

  8. happy New Year. Nice creation.:)

  9. Wow, amazing work. Even I don't like throwing gifts. This is very creative and thoughtful of you.

  10. Lovely Work, Have a Nice Day. . . :)

  11. That is an awesome and creative way of keeping a precious gift intact. Very thoughtful and you have redesigned it so beautifully. :)

  12. I always love coming back to this blog.Thanks Ranjana

  13. Awesome work Ranjana...Happy new year :)

  14. I love Warli too. :)
    Happy New Year dear Ranjana. :)

  15. Lovely recycling dear! Love the transformation. .nice way to preserve memories.



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