Sunday, December 14, 2014

Ghats of Varanasi-Bank of Ganges

Varanasi , an ancient city of India, famous for temples, spirituality , pilgrims, the river Ganga( Ganges) , and of course the ghats on the banks of Ganga. Ghat is long stretch of steps leading down to the water on the western bank of the Ganges. There are approximately 80 ghats on the bank of river Ganga.
Normally people visit ghats during sunrise. We visited ghats in the evening, because we wanted to attend Ganga Arti . I could click some photos of ghats from the boat:

The guide was explaining about many ghats, in that I remember very few, one of those is Scindia Ghat.
  Shiva temple lying partially submerged in the river Ganga.

This is very famous Manikarnika Ghat, where the cremation of dead bodies takes place here throughout day and night:
And the below one is the Dashashwamedha ghat, where, every evening Gaga Arti is performed:

But I feel, the cleanliness of Ganga water is really a serious concern. Hope this will be resolved soon. 
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  1. Superb pictures. All images are beautiful-the ghats, the submerged. Siva temple, the rippling river waters,the buildings on the river bank and the amazing Ganga Arti ! I witnessed Ganga on the banks of the Ganga in Patna last November.Really awesome.

  2. You have captured Varanasi beautifully. I would love to be there.

  3. Wow. could feel as if I was by the river side. Thanks so much for taking me there, Ranjana :)

  4. nice night shots :)

  5. Beautiful shots, I just want to go there. Even in picture, it looks so peaceful and divine.

  6. I loved the design of your post. It is very simple and traditional. I have recently visited Varanasi so I found this post to be quite interesting. Your pictures are amazing and beautifully captured. They perfectly bring out the true ambience of Varanasi!

  7. I think you need God's blessings for the luck to get there. :)
    You are blessed!


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