Monday, July 11, 2016

Handmade Card - First year Birthday

Last Saturday I got an invitation call from one of my friends, to attend his son's birthday party. The party was that day evening itself. I always prefer to give handmade gifts and cards. To many kids and infants I have gifted  applique work quilts and crocheted frocks .
As the party was on same day, I could not make any gift, so thought of buying it. Made  a simple card to wish the kid on his birthday. I'm not so good in making amazing cards, like some of my craft friends make. While making card, I give importance to theme.
 As it was for baby , I  selected pink color paper.

handmade card
Pink paper to make the card

 And attached attached the border made by Martha Stwewart punches on the edges.
handmade card
With punched border
 To make the theme "one year birthday", cut the shape of  1 and attached some ready made embellishments I had. I made it colorful, thinking the child might like the bright colors :)
handmade card
With colorful embellishments
 My son was happy to give this to the birthday boy :)

Planning to make a crocheted frocks as gifts to bay girls. Will share once I make those.

Until then,  
Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,


  1. that is cool :)

  2. This card is very cute and colourful. I am sure the birthday baby was fascinated by such cheerful colours.

  3. Very creative, beautifully made.


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