Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Colorful Handmade Card

Recently have shared about a Birthday card made to wish on first Birthday. Same day was my niece's birthday. So to wish her  I made another card. She loves colors, flower and butterflies. So decided to make a colorful card with flower and butterfly motifs.

To make the card, selected handmade papers in yellow and pink color. Here are what I selected:
handmade paper
Handmade paper
Pink handmade paper-Isn't it beautiful. I never had the idea of what to do with  this paper, when I saw it in the shop. But loved the color and the texture. So bought :). This is what happens with most of the craft lovers :)

handmade paper
Handmade paper
Cut the paper and attached it as a border.
handmade paper
Border attached
And decorated it with lovely embellishments. Here is the card:

handmade card
With colorful embellishments

 My niece was very happy to see the colorful card :)

Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,


  1. beautiful card..really that pink hand made paper is super..

  2. You have a very interesting hobby Ranjana,so creative and satisfying.

  3. The handmade paper is so good. It alleviated the beauty of the card. How much it is for?


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