Saturday, June 18, 2016

Warli design on a wooden box

Warli painting  is simple tribal mural painting  by tribes of Maharashtra and Gujarath. Many designers are using Warli designs. It has its on identity in the world of designs.
I have recycled an old clock using warli design . Warli looks nice as mural painting. Nowadays wall stickers are available and it is easy to stick them on the wall.

Warli painting on wooden box

I have many wooden boxes to keep my craft items. In the process of decorating my craft room , I'm decorating each box with different paintings and designs. A small box I have decorated using decoupage with napkin. The one I have now is quite a big box, thought of showing my painting skills on that. I have very basic knowledge about warli painting. With that limited knowledge painted the wooden box. I always like Warli on mud color background. So used mud color for the box.
Here is the outcome:
Warli design
Wooden box with Warli design

Warli designs can be painted on any surfaces to decorate- on the walls, bottles, containers in the kitchen , any panel or on fabric. On fabric, the fabric painting techniques are used. On containers or wood first the surface is painted with primer.

Here is the wooden box I chose to paint:
Wooden box
Applied primer on the box. I chose mud color as background and applied mud color on it. Then traced the design:
Warli design
After application of primer and color.

 Painted the top surface of the box:
Warli design
Warli design on top of the box

And then  on sides of the box:
Warli design
Warli design on sides of the box

The box is ready!
Warli design

Warli design
To design with Warli, if you are a beginner , start with a simple design. Even simple design of Warli looks very beautiful. 
Planning to design a saree with Warli design. Soon will share about that.

Until then,
Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,


  1. These are very cute. Interesting mural design on the box.

  2. Excellent work Ranjana! You have magic in your hands!

  3. Very beautiful.

    I also painted some chunnis and saris with these designs, but gave it away with out taking pictures.

    Where did you buy the box ? Does it have any compartments inside? I would love to buy one or two for storing my craft materials.

    Sailaja Sharma

  4. Beautiful Worli paintings on the box.

  5. Those are very nice designs you created!

  6. Great its a terrific idea thanks for sharing.

  7. that is a nice idea :)

  8. wonderful...
    btw, does that conveys a story or some occasions !!

  9. Supperrr Ranjana. I too have the same query. Where did you buy the box? I think It would make a nice gift.


  10. Really fantastic designs shared here..
    Thanks @


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