Friday, June 10, 2016

Decoupage on metal

Decoupage bug has bitten me. I have completed many decoupage projects. I had learnt decoupage few years ago. My first decoupage was on an aluminum plat, about which I have written in post Decoupage.
Decoupage on aluminum plate
 Few years I did not work on any decoupage project.This year completed many decoupage projects in the process of decorating my craft room. One with a craft table  and also on a shelf to keep in my craft room. And recently on mdf box, with paper napkin.

 Decoupage on  metal :  

 This project also part of decorating my craft room. As I paint sometimes , I have collection of paints and  brushes. Recently when I visited Itsy Bitsy shop I bought some metal containers and holders. These can be bought online also. Here it is :
Metal tin
Metal tin
 As the first step , applied primer:
After application of primer
 I had some decoupage papers with images of old streets of Italy. I don't know whether streets in Italy look like this , but the shop keeper told be this is decoupage paper with images of streets in Italy :). Here are those decoupage papers:
Decoupage paper
Decoupage paper with image of streets in Italy. That's what the shop keeper told me :)

 Next step to attach the papers on the tin:
Tin attached with paper
I have used modpodge for this project , as the size of the tin is small. And painted with colors matching to the design on the papers.
It is ready to hold paint and brushes
 Now it is ready to hold the paint and brushes I have.

Many craft learners ask me whether to use fevicol or modpdge  for decoupage. In case the object is big in size like shelf or table etc I use fevicol to stick the paper and to give gloss I use modpodge. If the object is small I use modpodge to stick as well as for gloss. 

Made one more box with Warli design , soon will share about that.

Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,


  1. Yes, this does look like the streets of Italy!

    1. That's good. I can tell that shop keeper. Thank you Jane.

  2. This is so cute. Really looking perfect with a touch of vintage. You did great job Ranjana :)

  3. The final product looks amazing.

  4. Oh wow! So pretty.
    Love this project of yours!

  5. Very pretty...I altered the same metal holder from Itsy Bitsy some time back and gifted to my mom...yet to post it. Yours has turned out sooo well
    Dr Sonia

  6. Very beautiful and artistic.

  7. Excellent work! You are an inspiration!

  8. this is so awesome and you are so talented...very cool Ranjana :)

  9. I just love the look of this. The paper you have used would look so nice for paint brushes. Great job Ranjana as usual.

    Sailaja Sharma

  10. gaping...
    wonder work.. looooved it


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