Saturday, May 7, 2016

Decoupage with paper napkin

In the process of decorating my craft room , I have already made a table using decoupage , a wooden basket with antique look to keep craft papers and a shelf with decoupage. Another box to decorate my craft room. I chose decoupage to work on it.

I had never worked decoupage with tissue paper. So thought of trying it on a small wooden box. I selected a small box, so that if anything goes wrong also, I need not worry much.
This is the MDF box I have selected:

Decoupage with paper napkin
MDF box
As usual the first step, painted it with wood primer. Here  is with the napkin design I chose. Normally I use fevicol for decoupage. After reading reviews about Modpodge, I thought of using it.
Decoupage with paper napkin
Materials- Modpodge, Napkin and the box
 I chose, floral design, so painted the background with light green color.
Decoupage with paper napkin
Painted with green paint all over
Then attached the the flower pictures cut out from napkins with Modpodge. After final touch of the Modpodge, the box looks like this:
Decoupage with paper napkin
After attaching the floral designs
Here is the side view:
Decoupage with paper napkin
Decoupage with paper napkin
 There are some mistakes. Hope will correct in next decoupage project.

Completed designing one more saree, will share about that on coming post.

Until then,
Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,


  1. Box looks so lovely Ranjana !!!!

  2. Box is lovely. The background color matches well with the floral pictures.

  3. Looks so beautiful. I wanted to try decoupage for long but didnot attempt it till now. You make it look so easy. I too will try.
    Since you have used Fevicol and Modgepodge, what difference did you notice? Modge podge is costly so I think I will try Fivicol first. What do you say?

  4. What a superb transformation !



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