Friday, May 20, 2016

Clay dolls from West Bengal

Doll making is an ancient craft . In India this must have started with making of terracotta dolls  , and then with wood and other available materials. Dolls making is very fascinating craft which attracts all the age range. I had recently shared about the clay doll I made.

Different kinds of dolls in India:

In India, many kinds of traditional doll making is in practise. It differs from area to area. Etikoppa , Kondapalli toys from Andhra Pradesh, Channpattana toys , and Kinnahala dolls of Karnataka  . 
Karnataka also has the tradition of celebrating Gombe Habba, festival of dolls
Similarly, clay dolls of Krishnanagar (West Bengal). These dolls though made of clay, and decorated with cloth to look realistic.

Craftsmen use clay and Plaster of Paris moulds to make the different parts of the figurine. The parts are joined with the support of a metal wire. Then painted and decorated with cloth and accessories. The craftsmen replete most of the professions and figure, by showing all the minute details.
Clay dolls
Dolls of Mahatma Gandhiji

Clay dolls
Dolls depicting some profession

Clay dolls
Some  more cute dolls
 I got an opportunity to talk to a craftsman in an exhibition in my city. He explained me  the process of making of clay dolls,in detail. I wish to visit these craftsmen to know how they make the dolls!

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  1. Lovely dolls. It is really a pity that with plastics invading our world, these dolls are a rare sight. But I am glad that people who appreciate this art , like you, bring back this lovely and rare art form. Thank you for sharing this wonderful art of West Bengal!

  2. Interesting. When we were kids we used to get clay dolls from fairs. I like them over plastic dolls.

  3. They are lovely. These Craftsmen from Bengal are very talented. I too have some of these dolls.


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