Sunday, February 1, 2015

How to make Street light- for kid's school project


I often get requests and emails to share tutorials about making models for school projects. I had made models of forest and houses for  exhibitions in my son's school. Those you can go through these links :   

Model of Houses for school project    

 Forest model 

 These two posts are still having maximum hits. By this I can understand the struggle of a mom while making a model for school project :-). I get mails from such moms requesting to share about different tutorials which will help them to make school projects. One such mom had requested to share about making street light for making a model. 
Here is the procedure to make the street light.
You need the following materials: 
1. Empty toothpaste tube
3. Color papers (optional)
4. A small bulb
5.Fevicol gum
6.Wires and Battery cells
7. Of course scissors :-).

 First cut the empty toothpaste tube like shown:
 The top portion should be cut neatly as shown in the below image:
Fix this part of the toothpaste tube to the straw and bend the straw:
 Then fix the small bulb with the help of fevicol:
streetlight model
 The street light model is ready . This can be used for making many models and school projects like a street, a model of town etc.
streetlight model
To change the color of the pole to your desired color, you can roll the color paper on the straw. This street light can be made into a working model by passing the wires through straw and connecting the bulb to a battery cell.
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  1. awesome!
    I'll use this idea next time for my son's city project.

    1. Definitely. This is perfect for the city and town projects.

  2. really super idea...thanks for posting...

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Shami. Hope this will help the moms in making school projects.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Dr. Sonia. I'm honored to receive appreciation from queen of creativity

  5. Sooo coooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for help

  6. Sooo coooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for help


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