Friday, February 6, 2015

Bamboo craft of Chattisgarh

Bamboo  is a plant which has large diversity in species. From ages , bamboo is used for craft work.

Bamboo craft in India:

Wide range of species of bamboo are found in India. Its majorly grown in North-East  states of India and in Western ghats too. Bamboo craft might have started with making household items like mats, baskets, hand fan etc. Now the bamboo craft covers wide varieties of  household as well as decorative items including furniture. 

Bamboo  craft of Chhattisgarh :

Chattisgarh is a North-Eastern state of  India. Due to its forest cover and availability of bamboo, make this state major producer of bamboo products. The tribal regions of Chattisgarh are main centres for production of bamboo craft. The tribal craftsmen here make many kinds of bamboo items. 

Different items made using  bamboo:

 Recently I could visit one such shop in  a craft fest.    Traditional bamboo baskets have evolved through centuries. Now we can get different kinds of baskets , purses and bags.
bamboo craft
Purses and bags made of bamboo

And also many decorative items: 
Bamboo furniture is nowadays very popular , because of their affordability and also beauty. Chattisgarh bamboo craft includes furniture to cater to different needs, from small chair to sofas :

Chattisgarh's traditional craft include other crafts like , dhokra- bell metals work, loha shilpa- wrought iron craft,ghodna painting etc, about which I will be sharing in coming posts.

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  1. Wonderful crafting work.. Thanks for sharing Ranjana :)

  2. Beautiful, amazing talent with bamboo :)

  3. wow one more gem from our handicraft is sure a delight for any corner of the house, thanks for sharing dear, and or your lovely comments, I loved the street light project of your.very nice idea..just missed commenting on it, i think..


  4. in fact these makes us feel home among the alien products... thanks for sharing


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