Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Ganga Aarti- Fusion of light, music and devotion

Ganga Aarti( worshiping river Ganga) is the major everyday event in Varanasi. This is performed everyday at 6:30 PM at Dashashwamedh Ghat . Though in my last visit to Varanasi, I had seen this, but could not capture the images as I had forgotten to take the camera. This time I captured the event but , the images are not so clear as I was watching this sitting in a boat on river Ganga. With some selected good pictures sharing the same with you all.
I can say its a magnificent event. People gather at the banks as well as boats on the river, to watch this. We also occupied a boat and waited for the event.
First the priests offer pooja to Ganga river :
 On the bank also they make the preperation for Ganga Arti , by arranging  platforms. In Dashaswamedha ghat the platforms are arranged in two places, at one place five platforms and on another seven platforms are arranged.
Then the priests start the pooja with incense sticks :
Then with the the dhoop :

Then with a lit lamp :
Ganga Arti
Then with the multilevel lamp :
 All the priests show the the lamp to all the directions while doing the Arrti.

 The experience is enchanting.  The singers will be singing Bhajans in the background .The place at that moment will be filled with  light of the lamps for eyes, melodious Bhajans at the background for the ears  and devotion of the people. Many devotees light small lamps and float those on Ganga river. The light of Ganga Arti reflects in water and, one feels  the lamps compete  with the hundreds lamps floating on Ganga river.

The Arti continues like this with different kinds of lamps. As we had to visit other places too, we left after main Arti. If you want to experience the fusion of light, music and devotion , whenever you visit Varanasi, don't miss  Ganga Arti.
Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,


  1. it is always spectacular thing to watch :)

  2. Very nice of you to share. Lucky to be there to view in real. thanks

  3. Ganga Aarthi, as u have rightly said, is one that one could never miss really in life. Honestly, it fulfills one's life . Rightly said Adhi Sankara, in his bhaja govindham "ganga jala lava kanika peetha, sakruthenapi murari .....
    I wonder when will I get that opportunity that ultimate Bliss.

    Thanks for the illustration of Ganga Aarthi.

    subbu thatha.

  4. You are so lucky to have watched this!
    Great captures.

  5. Beautiful captures, very delightful.

  6. Beautiful pictures . You have captured the divine aura during the Ganga Aarti in your camera . Love the post :)


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