Sunday, November 2, 2014

Buddha statue at BodhGaya- Personification of Peace

I visited  BodhGaya(in Bihar),the holy place where Buddha attained enlightenment. The stupa(Bhuddist temple structure) was built by Great Emperor Ashoka.
This   is an example of architectural genre of the Maurya dynasty. This stupa is one of the 84000 shrines erected by King Ashoka. Around the stupa there is Vihara(or Garden with many small stupas), about which I will share in the coming post. The temple has undergone many renovation.
When I entered the temple I could see the statue of Biddha. When I saw it while entering, I felt its personification of peace.
On top of the  statue the roof is also carved: 
And on the seat also some carvings can be seen :

The height of this statue is 2 metres and it is considered as the largest statue of Buddha in seated position.The Buddha statue is carved as seated cross legged , with one hand pointing to the earth .
This statue was created first in black stone then painted with gold by pilgrims.
With all the disciples  , even I started walking towards the statue.I felt , the calm facial expression attracted towards it.
I was unknowingly walking towards that.As I  walked towards the statue, the beauty of the statue filled my eyes.
Anybody can be attracted to this face which is filled with peace. I remembered the story of the mad elephant which was rushed towards Buddha. I realized why it returned without doing any harm to him. I took the capture of divinity very closely, we can only see kindness, calmness , peace and love!
With all other devotees I also bowed to the statue. While coming back I turned many times to see the personification of peace again and again.

Still more share about Mahabodhi temple. Wait for my next posts.

Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,


  1. Superb shots of the place. This place is in my wish list.

  2. You did good amount of traveling! Great pics.

  3. Great to have seen and read about the place...may we all find peace!


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