Friday, February 7, 2014

Lets enter the world of craft- Wire handbags made by Smt. Manjula

In my last post I have written about the most talented lady , Late .Smt Manjula. She is not with us  today, but her works in arts and crafts will be always inspirational to art and craft lovers.
In this post sharing about wire handbags  made by her. Few years back making handbags from colorful wires was popular craft. Even I remember my mother making wire handbag. But most of the handbags I have seen have common designs. I was amazed to see the different kinds of handbags made by Smt. Manjula.
Here are some I can share:
 Cute Pink and White combination with little rose as lock.
Here is the closer view of the weaving, and if you know about wire weaving you can observe that the weaving is reversed. Hats off to her creativity!
Here are some more:
Blue and White combination with double straps
 Handbag with Black and Green combination
 This is something different, flower shape, I guess this was made using crochet.
This is a shopping bag and the weaving is in Pentagon shape.
This is made with beads, and it has a small outer pocket also.
 The outer pocket has the bead hangings .
Each piece is unique and very innovative.  The color combination, weaving and pattern, everything is perfect.
This shows Smt. Manjula's interest in craft.
This journey into the world of arts and crafts doesn't end here, I will write about about the crochet works by Late. Smt. Manjla , in my next post.

Until then,
Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,


  1. Hi Ranjana !!!

    sorry to hear about Mrs manjula, may her soul RIP. Her work shows she was a really talented artist. Thanks for sharing her work with us. Really amazing collection. I personally luv the beaded bag. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

  2. She has left a whole lot of treasure for us!
    Great creations!

  3. They all look lovely:) I remember these wire bags, my mom made one when I was a kid. it was a craze in 80s

  4. It's a treasure trove of useful art work :)

  5. Beautiful bags. Really she is very talented.

  6. I love these bags. So easy to clean and maintain. She is multi talented. isn't she? Its hard to get these bags these days. I bought one from Madurai roadside I remember.

  7. These are such beautiful pieces of craft, and I never knew naani made these!!! Thanks for sharing her work in your blog. I'm saving these pictures for remembrance.

  8. Lovely bags ! Each bag is truly a work of art and different from the previous one . As you rightly said Smt Manjula was really an amazing and talented crafts person .
    Thanks for sharing her wonderful work !

  9. Lovely bags ! Great creations!

  10. WOW!! I had a bag similar to the first one, except the bottom would be in a W shape. I remember the times when I used to try my hand in making wire baskets...thanks for such a lovely post. Your blog is so lovely. Please visit my blog if you have time, thanks,

  11. nice. how to make this white & pink combination bag. i am very interested in making varieties of bags. i just need to know the procedure to make this type.


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