Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Some unique jewels in our collection

After a long break returning back to blogosphere. Missed all the bloggers , their blogposts and of course the readers very much.
The reason behind being away from blogosphere is I did not have time (Hmmm same old reason :-) ) I was busy in roaming , I was busy in completing some of my art and craft projects, moreover I was busy in designing handcrafted imitation jewels! And  I am very happy to share some unique designs with you all.
Here is the one I liked the most :

This is made of long gemstone beads and synthetic coral rose in the middle. The color is very unique and this goes well with any kind of dress.
The below one is a jhumka.The specialty of this Jhumka is the Green jhumka is carved stone, which I got from Rajasthan. I have attached the Gold color beads and stud to this.
The below one is very trendy and elegant. This has a leaf shaped side pendant and 2 strands of teal green 8 mm glass crystals with matching earrings.
The below are Meenakari. I can say Meenakari is pride of India. Very intricately done enamel work. I have attached a pendant to the Meenakari Haslis( the curved pipes)

The below one is Pearl and Coral combination It has synthetic coral carved bead as side pendant and strings of pearls.

You  can view and also buy all these jewels , visiting Pranjalika Collections . If you like jewels please like the page too.
 Very happy to share all these handcrafted jewels with you all. Soon starting series about different kinds of jewels . Feeling relaxed after coming back to blogosphere. I have lots to share with you, this journey will continue.

Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,


  1. Welcome back Ranjana:)
    Amazing art!

  2. Welcome Back my dear!
    So beautiful & unique jewelry collection :)

  3. Beautiful collection . Loved the carved coral and Pearl necklace the most .

  4. That leaf shaped pendant is so bful :) Rest all look good too !!
    Thanks for ur time on my blog

  5. Are these for sale Ranjana?
    Truly wonderful creations.
    Do mail me. :)

  6. Beautiful! Do you do the enamelwork, too?


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