Saturday, March 30, 2013

Dress design- Patchwork

After a long break , coming back to blogosphere. I could not work on any arts and craft project, because of my busy work schedule and my son's exam. My son's exam! Uff! felt like I was writing the exam .:-).

Now I could work on long pending work, design a dress with patchwork. I had bought the patches in an exhibition , and I was lucky to find exactly matching lace for those patches.

The cloth is Maroon Khadi silk, attached the lace on the border and patches on the middle. And some motifs around the patches.

Here it is:
Closer view of the patches and the lace:
I think , green bottom and duppata would look good on this . What do you say?

Now  working on an oil painting, soon share about that.

Until then,
Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,


  1. Nice Art Work. Yes, the schools charge more fee as the parents are also studying along with the children. Most of the projects are done by parents at home and it is passive education for parents.

  2. Lovely patch work Ranjana.. Lucky you to have got the exact matching lace.

  3. Wow, loved this dress . The patches and the design are amazing and the motifs just seem to be dancing for real ! I`m sure you are going to be the envy of every eyes when you wear this dress

  4. Good creativity Ranjana... Keep it up :)

  5. Ranjana madam

    Really a great art work. Fantastic. Ranjana madam this particular art work is look like Kalamkari painting or Madhubani painting or Tholubommalata (all these are traditional art forms of india).

    Ranjana madam several persons across the globe explore their hidden talents like you through blogs and share their creativity with others. It is really a very worthy and talented effort by many people like to explore their inner horizons and creative layers of consciousness. Please keep up your good artistic work.

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    Ranjana Madam i request you please explore my blog and share your valuable comments.

    Ranjana Madam did you have any indian vintage postcards, photos etc. for my collection purpose and for sharing them in my Heritage of India blog.

  6. Patch work matches exactly with lace ! Superb !

  7. beautiful work....very nicely intertwined...May I know the source of these patches?


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