Sunday, February 10, 2013

Saree Design with Lace and Screen printing

This is again an attempt to repair my sister's saree which was spoiled by me. I don't know everytime I take her saree, either the design won't come good or it will be spoiled. :(.

Its a lovely silk saree with unique color combination, light bottle Green with Gold border. While giving this my sister warned  me many times not to spoil this saree.
In spite of all her warning I spoiled this. I tried with machine embroidery. At that time I had not learned  the machine embroidery properly. Uhh look at my guts. The result was as below, very bad very bad!
Somehow I had to repair this, otherwise my sister would demand 10 times more than this saree. So to cover my fault, I used brocade cloth and laces. Made the lace with brocade cloth and attached along the border. And Brown and Rust colored borders on the both the sides of the brocade  border. Of course, screen printing is best method to make the cloth beautiful and hide the odds! Painted the border with Paisley designs with Gold and Green color. 
And on the Pallu, big Paisley designs in Gold and Green pearl color.
I was quite happy with  the designs. But my sister, same old comment "You always use my saree for practising. By spoiling my sarees you are becoming perfect!". TRUE! :)

Recently could not work on crochet. Soon share about a colorful crochet afghan .

Until then,
Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,


  1. Beautiful work. I know how much work it is this as I see my wife doing this.

  2. exelent work Ranjana...I loved all ur screen printing sarees and would like to learn; can u guide ur readers in this regard? plz :)

  3. amazing Ranjana ! I am sure your sis must be so proud !

  4. Such an artistic solution you had there, especially loved the pallu designs. Gives the saree an elegant and royal look overall :)

  5. Lovely saree .If you have achieved this beautiful look by making a mistake , I would say , make more mistakes as the correction you do really is the most beautiful and gorgeous outcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Don`t you agree ,Ranjana? I think your sister must be feeling the same too .

  6. Awesome work!! I must say, your sister is damn lucky to have you spoiling her sarees :)

  7. Hi Ranjana

    You have been nominated for Liebster award . Please check my post for details .


  8. End result is good so sis is lucky :)

  9. oh nice ranjana loved mango designs

  10. Amazing transformation! Those are enticing colours and patterns.

  11. You have done a great job Ranjana. I like your experiments.

  12. nice motifs...great job, ranjana!!


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