Sunday, October 21, 2012

Walking down the street of dolls

Now its Navaratri. "Navaratri", is a festival dedicated to the worship of the Hindu deity Durga. There are lots of traditions and customs which are part of Navaratri celebration. One of the customs which mesmerizes me is Gombe Habba- festival of Dolls. This is celebrated in Mysore  and Bangalore region. A few days before Navaratri, market place will be filled with dolls, if you visit major market places, you will see dolls everywhere!
Though we don't celebrate Gombe Habba, I enjoy this festival a lot. Love the colorful dolls.Few days back I visted the market place to see the dolls.I visited 3-4 shops, captured photos of the dolls , sharing with you.
The first shop, had lots of dolls arranged in different shelves. At the entrance these two dolls, welcoming you

When I looked below, I could see these beautiful dolls,
Among these, the one attracted me the most is the Vishnu resting on laps of Lakshmi. Here it is :
When I entered the  shop, I felt like I've entered world of dolls. All the dolls were arranged in shelves, 
Are all of them waiting for buyers, eager to decorate the house? 
Here are closer view of the dolls:
Dolls - Theme Krishna and stories about Krishna

These are very interesting , the dancers performing on drums.
One more set, worshiping Lord Narasimha 
I could see many dolls , arranged to depict different stories. Below is the dolls depicting story of honest wood cutter.
Look at these cute Manipuri dolls:
Krishna and Arjuna- Geetopadesha

I wished to buy at least some of them, but I was strictly warned by my family members not to buy any dolls. because already I have so many in my collection. They also threatened me , saying that if I brought any  doll , they would not  allow me to enter the house.So I had to control the urge of  owning some dolls, said bye to these dolls and entered another shop. There I could see dolls arrangements, depicting stories of Ramayana.
I will write about that in the next post,

Until then,

Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,


  1. Thats really an awesome set of dolls for Bomma Kolu arrangement related to pooja. .. . A very nice post by sharing these pics with details. .

  2. Such lovely and colorful dolls depicting our rich culture and tradition to perfection! And your lovely captures brought them to life. I have always fascinated by this festival and the artwork of these dolls and how beautiful they make our houses look! :)

  3. such a beautiful golu!..i fell in love with all those dolls ♥♥♥..wish you happy durgashtami!

  4. Nice pics, beautiful collection...

  5. wow ! marvelous dolls ! great pics ranjana

  6. Nice ones. I did some window shopping too .. Hopping shops on the streets which was filled with colorful dolls.

  7. The colors of the dolls are truly mesmerizing.

  8. Beautifully crafted the dolls.

  9. I have put up the golu here in dubai and so love collecting dolls! Loved your snaps! beautiful and so miss everything...

  10. Oh,your family is already have loads of them in your house! What a collection...stupendous!
    Your Golu looks neighbor also puts up her collection. It looks beautiful...

  11. Hi Ranjana
    Charming display of beautiful dolls or "kolu bommais" as we say in Tamil. It is a pity you could not fulfil your desire/urge to add to your collection.
    Hope you are having a great Navaratri. Greetings to you and family on this auspicious occasion.
    Best Wishes Ram

  12. Beautiful pictures..! I took time looking at each one of the dolls..!

    I can understand your family's feelings ;-)

  13. What an amazing collection. Loved them all.

  14. Beautiful dolls, and beautiful post too!


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