Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Kumkuma Bharanis with unique designs

I've already posted about the collectionof Kumkuma Bharanis in my earlier posts listed below:
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Here are some Kumkuma Bahrani with unique designs:

The first one is fish shaped, made of horn. This is outer look:
The lid can be opened on one side

This is book shaped Kumkuma Bharani , have a look:
When closed looks like a book

The lid can be opened.
Have you ever seen Kumkuma Bharani , which is shaped like Buddha's face? I have one, here it is:

With lid open it looks like this

The below one is also very special. This has Bidri work on its lid.

 Bidri work is very intricate craft work which is pride of Karnataka. Do you want to know more about Bidri work? Wait till the next post.

Until then ,
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  1. You have a beautiful collection. can't see which one is better..

  2. Guess what! I have been to Mahapalipuram today and saw most of the similar of them in the handicrafs shops... btw your is a great collection, peculiar and interesting :)

  3. Such lovely collection...I would love to know abt the bidri work

  4. Nice collection! I liked the book one most :)

  5. Very nice collection Ranjana:)

  6. beautiful collections, Ranajana.


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