Friday, June 29, 2012

A visit to a handicraft shop in Gudigaragalli

In my previous post I have written about Gudigargalli- A street Of Handicrafts. As promised in the previous post, in this post I'm taking you to one of the handicraft shops in Gudigargalli.
Every time I visit my native, I visit Gudigaragalli to buy gifts for my friends and some collectives for myself. This time I could capture some photos. So sharing the magnificent works of art with you.
Mahalasa Kalakendra, is one of the shops, I often visit. So taking you there.
Mahalasa Kalakendra-This shop has good collection
Once you enter, you can see everywhere beautifully crafted wooden statues:

Statues of Lord Ganesha, in different styles:

And statue of Lord Krishna:

This is very rare one, Shri MahaVishnu, standing on lotus flower:

Very famous one : Geetopadesha:
And some beautiful wooden panels , with eye catching sceneries crafted on that:

The below are beautifully crafted wooden articles, which depicts blend of traditional art with modern theme:
I know you are appreciating the art. Major part of your appreciation shall go to Mr.D.D.Shet, who is the man behind the art,
He is awarded 3-4 times with State and National awards. No wonder!. Though the profession of art and crafts, started by his father, I can say, Mr.D.D.Shet has given new dimension to this art, by blending traditional art with modern theme. Now the third generation is taking it forward.

As I said in my previous post, I'm really proud of Gudigaragalli, which made my native Kumta famous :-).

Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,


  1. Now that you have given us a peek into the shop, I am left awestruck..! What talent and kudos to you for this post :)

  2. Wonderful art indeed! Is it sandalwood?

  3. Ranjana,
    The intricately carved sandalwood statues of the god sculptures and temple statues are a prized possession of all the art lovers.So seeing some wonderful artefacts made with mother of pearls here, in Andaman. :)
    Thanks for sharing...

  4. definitely a rich display of artwork!!

  5. Nice art work. We will be able to appreciate it better if while clicking images, you can lower/bend to click with the camera at the same level as the art work rather shooting from a top down pose.

  6. Wonderful pictures..:-)You have done a really great job...:-)

  7. Aha pretty handicrafts.
    Thanks for sharing dear.

  8. I am extremely fond of these handicrafts. They seem to have a good collection.

  9. It is beautiful, Ranjana. I loved the Mahavishnu. I dont know when I last saw such a statue.

  10. Very nice post . . .

    A award is waiting for you. Check out here -


  11. So very beautiful. I have the Geetopadsh in my house , now I think it must have originally come from here. Really beautiful.

  12. Thanks all...I will write some more information about Gudigargalli in my coming posts.
    @Indiawilds : yes, I will consider your suggestion while clicking snaps

  13. What an amazing display of art..I can spend hours and hours in a shop like which is a feast to the eyes..Thanks for sharing.

  14. i love ur blog!! ur handicrafts, paintings are all awesome! u seem to be a gifted artist :)


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